Current Class Topics

 Term 3 2018
Modelling  –  Plasticine – A Flower Garden

Construction  – from folded cover paper students create a diorama. They make an environment using many paper manipulation skills.

Grade 1
Modelling – Plasticine Cupcakes in the style of artist Wayne Thiebaud.

Collage  – Newspaper cats  – use of a variety of papers to create a cat and background.

Grade 2
Modelling – Clay and Plasticene – Topic –  Building Birds
Mixed Media – Woven Houses – Cover paper and cardboard through hessian.

Grade 3
Drawing – Landscape art focusing on Line.
Modelling –  Clay Tile – Focus on the work of  Joan Miro

Grade 4
Painting – Picasso Faces – Acrylic paints.
Threads and Textiles – Sewing a radial design and pattern onto hessian.

Grade 5
Modelling  –  a scene by Australian Artist Albert Namatjira eg. a ghost gum.

Mixed Media – “The Lost Thing” by Shaun Tan


Grade 6 – Threads and Textiles – A felt  Pin cushion using Applique and Embroidery.
Modelling/ Mixed Media – Dragons, Gnomes, and Mythical creatures.

Term 2 2018

Foundation – Threads and Textiles – Weaving a “Quilt for a rabbit’s bed”.

Collage –  A portrait – head and shoulders using magazine pictures as features

Grade 1 –
Drawing – Self Portraits
Construction – Paper and Cardboard – making paper sculpture using folds, joins etc.
Grade 2 –
Painting – Furry toys.
Threads and Textiles Puppetry from Term 1
Collage – Robots

Grade 3 –
Painting Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers”
Collage -Van Gogh’s “Bedroom at Arles”

Grade 4  –
Collage – Renee Dufy’s Regatta and Cowes.
Printing – Van Gogh’s Starry Night

Grade 5 –
Painting Pablo Picasso Portraits
Collage – Gaudi – Stained glass windows – cellophane and black cover paper

Grade 6
Construction – Paper Mache masks

Term 1 2018


Drawing  – What Makes a Rainbow? An exploration of colours and shapes.

Collage – Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear.


Grade 1 TBA

Grade 2 – Drawing – Animals  – Fur, Feathers and Fins.Use of lines to create texture – crayons and oil pastels.

Grade 2 – Painting – Furry toys.

Grade 3 – In Construction this term students will create a model of the Great Wave off Kanagawa bu Japanese artist Hokusai.

In Printing they will use print blocks to print a Japanese Kimono.

Grade 4 – Mixed Media  – Monet’s “Waterlilies”

Drawing – Japanese Koi Fish

Grade 5 – Polynesian designs such as the Fijian Flower – Hibiscus.

Grade 6

Drawing – Op Art – Bridget Reilly
Painting – Australian Artists – students use Acrylic Paints on Cartridge.

Term 4 2017


Printing –  Farm Animals

Painting  – after artist Britto

Grade 1

Paper Mache  – Cardboard Tube cats

Painting – Colour Wheel Umbrellas

Grade 2

Printing – Leaf Prints and Object Print Robots

Collage –  Symmetry Christmas Trees/ Snowflakes

Grade 3

Textiles  – Henri Matisse –  Fish

Mixed Media – Henri Matisse – Cut outs


Grade 4

Collage – MC Escher – Tessellations – Birds

Modelling – Modigliani – Clay Faces

Grade 5

Collage/ Design – Shopping Bags


Sculpture – Christmas Tree

Grade 6

Threads and Textiles – Embriodery – Mason Jars


Term 3 2017


Modeling – Plasticine modeling of a  2D chameleon e.g. Rex or the Mixed Up Chameleon by Eric Carle ( see our Foundation Page for videos).
Plasticine modeling of 3D penguins which will be placed in a collage “icy” diorama.

Grade 1
Modeling – Plasticine – modeling of 2D Cupcakes – based on the artwork of Wayne Thiebaud – focus on creating texture

Paper Magic Clay – modeling of a 3D cupcake.

Collage – Newspaper Cats –

Grade 2
Modeling – Plasticine modeling of  2D Owls on sticks in a night background
Clay Modeling of a 3D Dinosaur based on a pinch pot.

Grade 3
Junk Sculpture  based on Leo Sewell’s work

Printing – Rubbings repeated – based on Edgar Dega’s work

Grade 4
Painting – Shades of Blue – Pierre Auguste Renoir’s Blue Umbrellas

Drawing – Still Life based on MC Escher’s work- Emphasis on shape and shading

Grade 5
Art of New Zealand – the Koru design.
Modeling – Clay tile with Maori designs

Mixed media – the Koru design.

Grade 6
Mandalas – Drawn with felt pens ( see our Grade 6 page for videos).

Stitchery – Mandalas on small cushions e.g.Pin Cushions

Term 2 2017


Threads and Textiles- Students use a variety of threads and fabrics to cut out leaves and make a jungle background for their Elmer the Patchwork Elephant.

Collage – Portraits

Grade 1

Mixed Media

Threads and Textiles  – Woven Owls

Grade 2

Painting – Under the Sea


Mixed Media 3D Fish

Grade 3

Drawing – Perspective

Modelling – Tiles


Grade 4 Printing  – Bush Scene inspired by the work of Frederick McCubbin

Construction – The Old Stables

Grade 5

Painting – Mary Cassatt

Textiles – Margaret Preston

Grade 6
NGA and NGV Art Appreciation

Construction – Paper Mache Mask Making

Term 1 2017

Foundation Mixed Media –  Peggy
Threads and Textiles – Elmer the Patchwork Elephant

Grade 1
Mixed Media  – Alison Lester style – Beach scene
Threads and Textiles  – Ribbon wrapped sticks

Grade 2
Construction  – Paper Mache dragons
Drawing  – Monsters, dragons and mythical beasts

Grade 3
Collage – Vincent van Gogh’s Bedroom at Arles
Painting – Vincent Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers”
Grade 4 Mixed Media – Mixed Media – Claude Monet’s “Waterlilies”

Construction – Masks Pablo Picasso and African Masks
Grade 5 Drawing – Zentangles Zentangles
Construction – Paper mache bowls in the style of Henri Matisse.
Grade 6
Drawing – Op Art –  Artist Bridget Riley
PaintingAustralian Art – Sir Sydney Nolan National Gallery of Australia.

Term 4 2016

Foundation -TBA

Grade 1 Printing  – Students make rubbings and use stencils to create flower and leaf shapes in many shapes and colours. They also make a snow globe by printing white paint on black  or blue paper. untitled-1  
Grade 2       Collage  – Mixed Media –
Modelling  –  Pinch Pots  from Terracotta Clay.


Threads and Textiles –  Wool Winding.

Grade 3  Printing – Portuguese Doorways 6457f4403e3a60e5af18890bc2c4548c b2b9087cabcc3f4d5406f1ba10b6ee6b

Mixed Media -“Entrada” 1917 by Amedeo De Souza Cardosa


Grade 4            Threads and Textiles – Cup Weaving

slide_2  20140220_135318

Printing – Portuguese Tiles



Grade 5  Modelling – Clay Terrace Houses

  pb_a185_p1403-jpg de64d8e05df1a2bef3cf58042bdc2314 d186b10d701bd699891461f57e9800a7

Threads and Textiles –  Calico Hand Puppets design-a-fabric-hand-puppet-l158 84f2652b4c8a394ec5a014987a9cbf59 e0b5e3b8b69737ef0f420bccabe5a3e1 3bcdd17ac2112e0f37c97e7eec29018b    Grade 6  Threads and Textiles – Sock Monsters ( see Term 2 notes). Collage – The Year of the Monkey. Class Mosaic –  The Year of the Monkey 90b3baaff90d438c585ead8d6a12aab5 71cd040587fa07dc1a32f0064bf78324

Term 3 2016

Foundation –  Modelling  2D Plasticene pictures in the style of Barbara Reid. Model Magic – 3D characters – Snowmen in a Winter scene.

Grade One – Modelling – Paper mache 3D birds in paper bag nests, Plasticene Dinosaurs and Model Magic Foods eg cupcakes Painting – Watercolours –   Eric Carle – Mister Seahorse. Special effects will be obtained with salt and bubble wrap.

Paper mache birds     Dinosaur model  Mr Seahorse

Grade 2  Printing – Birds use of wood block prints, Plasticine stamps, paper stencils and mono print backgrounds. Modelling – Pinch pot owls and/or penguins made from Clay which will be fired, painted and glossed. bird print Bird 2
9fb528237ea2f45fdc1f3c193e9dfcc6 becd4b2338c9934fe6a8399efbad099f

Grade 3 –  Modelling-  Students manipulate Plasticene to create a 2D work in the still life style of Paul Cezanne. Based on “Still Life with Apples and a Pear 1888-90, students  their own Cezanne artwork. Textiles – Students study the Applique work of Textile artist Jane Bolton.  “Behind our back garden”. Students use Janet Bolton’s “Behind our Back Garden” as a basis for an artwork that includes a woven background and added felt shapes in the foreground.   Grade 4 –  Painting – Claude Monet- Based on “A Cliff Walk at Pourville” (1882), students paint their own version of this work using a variety of brushstrokes and tones. la-promenade-sur-la-falaise1 tulipfields Construction – Students create a 3D artwork based on Monet’s “Tulip Fields with Rijnsburg Windmill” (1886). Claude Monet from Sundroid on Vimeo.  Grade 5 – Collage – Introduce the works of Henri Rousseau, discuss his life and style of painting. Students use a wide variety of media to create a collage based on his jungle works, in particular “Exotic Landscape” (1908). 8f802e095358f78122f24c3c8e8be449 Printing –  Andy Warhol -Pop Art – After a discussion and viewing of related YouTube clips, students will use a mono print technique to create a pop art work in the style of Andy Warhol. Grade 6 – Construction Wire and Wood  Sculpture  realistic or abstract e.g. after the work of Elizabeth Berrien. birds fish 2 fish portrait

Threads and Textiles  – Sock Animals, Monsters, Dolls, Creatures. Glove monsters Monsters sock babies

Term 2 2016


Printing – Students will use a variety of printing methods e.g. stencils, object prints and mono prints to create pictures of farm animals. Threads and Textiles – “The Rainbow Fish” ing026 Ribbon will be woven through a colourful fish shaped cardboard loom.Sequins will added to create the shiny scales.

Grade 1 – Construction – Robots – students will use a variety of recycled materials to build a stand alone robot. They will be built beginning with a cardboard base. Sites such as ABCya have great online robot builders.

Fullscreen capture 06042016 0852094c3fdf5bacf06956fff8a22d4073f8e05bf7bc6147d08da87c4f125ca8a32da748f8bc4942f352a8b62b490d622e023e Drawing – related to their classroom theme. Students will concentrate on the elements of line, shape and colour.

Grade 2- Threads and Textiles –  Farmyard animals –  students cut out felt animals, birds etc which will glued and sewn onto a woven fabric background in a naive applique manner.

Painting –  Under the Sea – Using a variety of paints ( student acrylics, watercolours and food dyes) students will create an underwater scene. Resources will include Youtube videos, photographs from Melbourne Aquarium etc.

Grade 3 – Painting – Henri Matisse  Discuss Henri Matisse’s life and work. Focus On “The Woman with a Hat’ (1905). Students produce their own version of this artwork using acrylic paints.

957ad8b998510977727d76f8d59eabe2 Construction – Edgar Degas – “The Millinery Shop”. Students will discuss “The Millinery Shop”painting by Edgar Degas (1879-86). They will construct a hat using margarine tubs, cardboard and paper mache. 0961acfd0b36854cd083f71cbd67603d

Grade 4 –  Pablo Picasso – Drawing – students discuss Pablo Picasso’s life and evolving style. Focus on his cubism style. Students draw then paint a self-portrait using watercolors. Cut into large sections then rearrange in an interesting cubist style.

492cde9177cdbc3335ff49546e8a8b79 Collage – Students continue  to work with the Cubist theme. Students created a collage based on “Guitar” (1913) using a variety of papers and card. 29f714592b69cfca34bb1da39377d419

Grade 5 –    Collage – In the Jungle – Henri Rousseau  – Introduce the works of Henri Rousseau, discuss his life and style of painting. Students use a wide variety of media to create a collage based on his jungle works, in particular “Exotic Landscape” (1908).


Construction – Teotihuacan Inspired Mask – Discuss the ancient city of Teotihuacan in Mexico along with its art and culture.  View related YouTube clips. Students create a tribal mask based on this culture using paper mache, cardboard and mosaic tiles.


Grade 6 –   Painting Sir Sidney Nolan’s “Galipoli”  series. Soldier Portraits will be painted using Student Acrylic paints in Nolan’s style.

Construction – Mask Making – Paper Mache Masks

Term 1 2016

Foundation ” A Fish out of Water” by Helen Palmer A Mixed Media work involving the making of a paper plate fish bowl. 899608 Grade 1 Mixed Media – The Beach – Students use a variety of papers to add “water ” to the mid ground, a textured paper beach in the foreground and a  white crayon/pastel watercolour sky in the background. Collage beach huts, bathers and boats complete the pictures. Students will also add “El Gato”, the cat, to the framed scene in order to complement the students’ work in their Spanish classes. Threads and Textiles –  Scarecrow puppets students made a fabric collage on a fairy floss stick which was cut out and added to a  folded puppet theatre. We also mad a large scarecrow for our school vegetable garden. Grade 2 – Drawing “Where the Wild Things Are”. Students explore lines and create hairy monsters using permanent black markers. They will use white crayon and watercolour paints to complete their pictures. Students will design their own frames using coloured cover paper. wild-things15 Construction – Puppetry – students created  puppets using tongue depressors and assorted coloured papers. They also made a small marionette puppet using cardboard tube bodies and paper mache heads. Grade 3 – Collage Vincent Van Gogh’s “Bedroom in Arles”Students use various papers, matchsticks, fabric etc. to create their version of Van Gogh’s famous artwork. 1280px-Vincent_van_Gogh_-_De_slaapkamer_-_Google_Art_Project  Drawing  – “Van Gogh”  – pop up chair 3532a9e06672a7275eb2a5d325ffbc55 Grade 4 – Mixed Media/ Textiles –  Artist study Georgia O’Keeffe – Students use crayon and food dyes to create large flowers in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe. A variety of fabrics, tuille, ribbon etc. will be added to embellish the flowers. images Modelling- Kandinsky Tiles – Students will use earthenware clay and tile cutters to make square tiles which will be decorated with circles ( a variety of bottle tops , lids etc will provide concentric circles). These will be fired, painted using watercolour paints, glossed and hung with wire.Whilst the tiles are being fired students will work on a pastel drawing based on the abstract work of Wassily Kandinsky. Grade 5 – Drawing – Zentangles – Students use as many different line and shape patterns as possible to make a large cloud-shaped cardboard name plaque. Painting – Georgia O’Keeffe inspired flowers, skulls etc.students use student acrylic paints to paint in the style of  American artist Georgia O’Keeffe. Grade 6 – Drawing – Op Art – Students will observe the artwork of British artist Bridget Riley (born 1931). They will use black felt pens to create an optical illusion styled piece which may be decorated with colour to create 3D effects. Painting / Mixed Media – Australian Artists – Sir Sidney Nolan, Tom Roberts, Frederick McCubbin etc. Students will be visiting the National Gallery in Canberra and the National Gallery Victoria‘s Ian Potter Centre so  they will be required to be familiar with this work. They will paint using acrylic paints and materials such as horse hair,leather etc. to create their own version of the paintings e.g. from the Ned Kelly Series by Sidney Nolan. Further videos depicting Nolan’s work and life can be found on YouTube.

Term 4 2015 Foundation TBA Grade 1 Mixed Media /Collage Two Peas in a Pod – Students use the picture story book as inspiration for a mixed media piece including drawing, painting and collage. Construction – Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley- Students create a paper mache puppet which is clothed using various fabrics and ornaments.

Grade 2 Artist Study Ken Done Room Interiors 2D   Based on the works of Ken Done, students will create a 2D artwork depicting a room interior. Modelling –  Spanish Clay Tapas Bowls – Use terracotta clay to design a Spanish bowl or plate used for Spanish tapas.

Grade 3- Mixed Media / Collage – Portraits – Colonial Days Modelling – Heads Up – Heads and busts inspired by French Artist Auguste Rodin

Grade 4- Artist Study Claude Monet Painting – The Waterlilies IMG_3543 Modelling – Clay – Bells and Whistles

Grade 5- Modelling – Plasticene Creatures Construction – Paper Mache Bowls

Grade 6- Artist Study Tom Roberts “Shearing the Rams”-Discuss Tom Roberts’ “Shearing the Rams including its composition and history. Students use a variety of media to create a suitable background then add some Model Magic sheep in the foreground Mosaics – Discuss the works of Antoni Gaudi including Sagrada Familia. Use a wooden board and cardboard tiles to design a mosaic plague. This will then be glossed. We will also be completing the Year Six Graduation Mosaic”The Year of the Sheep”.

Term 3 2015

Foundation – Modelling and Construction will be the topics undertaken in Term 3. Modelling will include work with plasticine, Paper Magic Clay and Play dough. Pinching, rolling, flattening and joining will be among the skills practiced.  Students will begin to see the difference between 2D vs 3D modelling. Plasticene 1 Plasticene 2 Plasticene 3 Plasticene 4 In the Construction unit students will use cardboard and rolled cover paper tubes as starting points for animals, creatures and people. Skills such a slotting, folding and fringing will be practiced. drawing-and-painting-for-childrentube animals 2images Grade 1  – Modelling – “Too Loud Lily” will be modeled using Plasticine. The model will be dressed  in a dance costume using a variety of  appropriate fabrics, beads etc. In the Printing unit students will use techniques such as rubbings and stencil printing to create  the character “Pig the Pug” from the short listed book by Aaron Blabey.  Stencils will be made to form the eyes,nose, tongue and collar for the dog. Too Loud Lily   pig-the-pug Grade 2 – Printing – Students will create an underwater scene featuring  a “crayon rubbing” watery background and  plants, rocks etc. using rubbings and food dyes. The turtle will be printed using a paper stencil, folded and cut symmetrically. Small foam rollers will be used to apply acrylic paint to make the print. The picture story book  used for inspiration will be “Journey of the Sea Turtle” Mark Wilson. Turtle grade 2 In the Threads and Textiles unit students will create a felt/fabric collage using an open weave background. This will allow for simple stitching as decoration. Grade 3 -Printing – students will use a variety of printing techniques e.g.  Stencils, foam plates, rubbings etc to make their name using Illuminated Letters. These will be based on the idea that for as long as they have existed books have illuminated the world in which we live. Book Week theme this year is “Books light up our world”. Threads and Textiles –  Pom Pom creatures students use cardboard templates ( 2 doughnut shaped circles) and  carefully wind a variety of woolen threads to create characters with joggle eyes, felt arms, legs etc. dog owl 2 pom pom 1 pom pom animals Grade 4  Mixed Media-  Rock Art  – Ideas from the  book by Denise Scicluna. Rock Art book Threads and Textiles – “My Two Blankets”  Author Irena Kobald and Illustrator Freya Blackwood. Students will cut out felt pieces and add them to a felt background using stitchery ( crewel needles ). Use of contrasting colours and different stitching techniques e.g.running stitch and stab stitch. My Two Blankets Grade 5  Tribal Mask Construction  – Students will use  hessian and/or other open-weave fabrics soaked in PVA glue and laid onto a plastic mold to form faces. These will be decorated using paint, stitchery,wire, feathers, beads etc. mask 1 mask 2 Threads and Textiles – Straw weaving –  students use wool threaded through 8 drinking straws as a loom. They weave a variety of threads through until a piece of “fabric” is created. Felt, joggle eyes etc is added to create  2D or 3D birds or creatures. IMG_1397IMG_1405 Grade 6 – Design Project -Students design a shopping bag for an imaginary business/ product. The bag is completed using collage and lettering. The students will also construct a sturdy paper mache mask of their own design. These masks are built using a plastic mold and are painted with acrylic paints before being decorated. IMG_7685 IMG_7690 IMG_7687

Term 2 2015

Foundation  – Drawing and Collage will be the focus of this term’s art work. In Drawing the focus will be on the line and shape elements of Art as students draw animals and  begin to add  more detail to their work. In Collage students will be encouraged to cut and tear  a variety of papers with increased precision. Fringing will provide textures such a fur and feathers for animal characters.

Grade 1         Construction a shoebox house  will be built  and  will allow students the opportunity to create dividing walls, doors, windows etc. and make small furniture, curtains, mats  in their individual colour schemes and styles. Other shoebox ideas can be found at Hello Wonderful. In Threads and Textiles the students will  undertake weaving practice. They will try activities such as those found at Hello Wonderful.

Grade 2       Drawing – In conjunction with their Marvellous Melbourne topic students will be drawing buildings and people inspired by the John Brack painting  set in Collins Street Melbourne. Construction/ Modelling  – Students will use a shoe box as the background for plasticine characters from a picture story book e.g. Nony the Pony. They will make use of websites such as My Kids Adventures and The Artful Parent. Grade 3 – Drawing From a starting point will introduce a Drawing unit which focuses on sketching and drawing as a recreation. Objects such as paper clips, bottle tops and scissors will provide excellent starting points. Painting – students will use acrylic paints to mix colours and create their own version of a famous Australian artwork. It is highly recommended that students visit the Ian Potter Centre  (entry is free) at Federation Square in Melbourne  to see Victoria’s great collection of artworks. Further information about Australian artists may be found on our Australian Government website. Grade 4 Wire Sculpture – students will experiment with flexible aluminium wire and create an abstract piece on a wooden or cardboard base. They will explore ways of changing the wire to make forms such as hoops, spirals, springs, loops, twists etc. They will look at the work of such artists as Alexander Calder and Elizabeth Berrien ( the wire sculpture lady) Threads and Textiles  wool and a variety of interesting threads will be used to create traditional Ojos de Dios( God’s Eyes). This will be useful in the students’ class topic,  South America. A useful tutorial can be found at this site. Further directions may be found at this site. Grades 5 and 6 – After completing the Van Gogh drawings begun last term the students will work on a Mixed Media/Collage entitled “In Flanders Fields”. This work will involve the use of torn newspaper, food dye wash, torn tissue paper and oil pastel to create a battlefield scene. This work will coincide with ANZAC day and the Centenary of Gallipoli commemoration. In Printing students will make a series of printed papers using food dyes, crayons, rubbings, embossing and stenciling  in order to build a collaged bird such as an owl.

Term 1 2015

Foundation ( formerly Prep)

Mixed Media – “What makes a rainbow?”


Students paint a watercolour rainbow and add a food dye wash sky over crayon clouds. They complete the work by adding a collage rabbit and other animals (one for each colour). Construction – Threads and Textiles – Elmer the Patchwork Elephant -Students thread coloured ribbon or felt strips through slits in an elephant drawing to create “patchwork”. elmer_the_elephant

Grade 1 and 2 students will work on a Spanish theme.

Grade 1 – Drawing – Picasso faces

– Students will watch a short video about Picasso’s art style. picasso video They will then use crayon and watercolour paints to make Picasso style faces. Work will be glossed and framed. Threads and Textiles –  Cat on the Mat (Gato en la alfombra) by Brian Wildsmith. cat on the mat Students create a fabric collage cat on a woven fabric mat. They learn to create a fringe for the edge of the mat.

Grade 2 – Painting – Picasso faces

Students use warm and cool colours on opposite sides of a strangely arranged face. Collage – mosaic Students use brightly coloured cardboard mosaic tiles students create a picture in Spanish artist Gaudi’s style.

 Grade 3 and 4

Grade 3 –

Construction  -Puppetry- Paper mache monsters. Inspired by “Where the Wild Things are” Drawing – “Imaginary Animals” – Carla Sonheim – crayon or felt pen and watercolour paints. Grade 4 –

Drawing -“Imaginary Animals” – Carla Sonheim – crayon or felt pen and watercolour paints. Construction – Folded cardboard Monster Masks. IMG_2898-001bird masks

Grade 5 and 6

Painting Students use Chromacryl Student Acrylic paint to represent Vincent Van Gogh’s Painting entitled “Starry Night”. Drawing – Students choose a Van Gogh painting to sketch e.g. “Bedroom at Arles”. They will be encouraged to try various ideas such as “upside down drawing” They will also use a choice of media to add colour to their work.

Term 4 2014

Foundation ( formerly Prep)

 Construction – building with paper and cardboard, junk items etc. Folding, rolling, slotting, concertina folding, fringing will be explored and glued onto a base.

 Mixed Media TBA

Grade 1 and 2

Drawing   Line and Pattern – Plants and Flowers  – Zentangle style –  Creatures e.g. butterflies, insects will be added in relief.

zentangle 2    zentangle

 Modelling –  Terracotta Clay – pinch pot bowls with Mexican decoration


Grade 3 and 4

Modelling – Papermache mix  – students will sketch, then model 2D creatures to add to a watery, leafy, sandy, muddy background made on stiff cardboard.

Printing – Stencil Printing using water colours, pastels etc. Still Life theme based on the work of  Artist  Paul Cezanne.


Grade 5

Hessian Masks



Wire and no fire clay clay and wire

Grade 6

 Paper mache Mask Making Students will create character masks with Paper mache and paint them with acrylic paints.


 Mosaic – Year of the Horse


Term 3 2014

Foundation ( formerly Prep)

Twas the day before zoo day underwear View at the zoo Printing and Drawing – based on the inspiration  obtained from zoo related picture story books students will use acrylic paints, sponges, block prints and stencils to create large wild animals and leafy background vegetation. Drawing – the students will use a variety of media to represent the lines, patterns and shapes in animals. e.g. wrinkles on elephants. You might like to play with this Animal site.

Grade 1 and 2

Collage and Painting – Collage will be made using cellophane on white paper to show overlapping and mixing of colours as found in the sky at sunrise and sunsets. Students will look at many silhouette images before carefully cutting out their own from black cover paper and pasting  them onto the colourful backgrounds. In Painting the students will look at the book “Bear and Chook” before they sponge paint  their own bears and chooks using student acrylic paint. They might like to try the Bear and Chook jigsaw.        bear-and-chook-by-the-sea      1799e99ece58f2c37cc8c5a8d770d0ee     flat,550x550,075,f

Grade 3 and 4

Mixed Media –  The Art of  Textile Artist Annameike Mein  – Students will sponge paint a background for the creature of their choice. They will draw the creature and then make it in relief using a variety of materials, fabrics, papers etc. This will be glued on to the background and may even appear camouflaged. In the Collage Unit students will use a large variety of plastic and metal bottle tops to to produce their own collage, relief version of Wassily Kandinsky’s Circles. We will  also look at Abstract Art. This YouTube video shows many of his paintings.   Kandinsky's concentric circles

Grade 5 and 6

Students will be undertaking different work in Grade 5 to students in Grade 6 who will be offered more choice of activities. Grade 5 Construction unit –  Students use wire, newspaper fabric and junk items to make an Alien creatures using the same starting point, a plastic bottle with no lid. Sculpture Unit – Bowl Making using Paper Mache- Students design and build an interesting, themed bowl which is strong , stable and is painted and decorated. bowl img_3468 img_3496 Paper mache bowl Grade 6 Construction and Textiles activities – as requested by students during discussions last Term various activities will be provided. Basic Balsa Wood Construction with the option of adding cardboard and paper – 3D work, models, buildings, abstract sculptures which appear to be metal but are not. Ideas could include – Bird House, House, Robot, Boat, Crooked House, Wooden Horse Textiles activities including stuffed animal construction, a cushion with an appliqued design or making  of clothes for toys. Ideas could include the Sock Monkey, Sock Bunny, Shoe Box Wardrobe of Clothes for a toy, Pin cushion and Sewing Box/ Tin.

Term 2 2014

Foundation ( formerly Prep)

Modelling – Plasticine, Playdough and Clay  “My House”.  Students will make a variety of temporary and more permanent  creations including  a front view of their house using Clay, furniture using Plasticine and crockery  and food using Play-dough. Threads and Textiles Puppetry – Students will make stick puppets using a variety of cardboard, plastic and fabric. Their topic will be Community Helpers.

Grade 1 and 2

Threads and Textiles – Van Gogh’s Sunflowers  – Students will use stitchery and a variety of fabrics including  felt  to create large sunflowers on a bright open weave background. Sunflowers inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers”. Mixed Media –  Shoebox Dioramas with a “Taylors Lakes” theme. Students will use a whole shoebox to create a scene including  papermache  lakes and their surrounds. They will also use collage and modelling to add vegetation and animals to the Lakes environment.

Grade 3 and 4

 Painting –  Australian Art –   Indigenous Dot Painting –  The students will study the work done by Indigenous Artists and become familiar with the meanings behind many of the symbols used. They will use acrylic paints and use sponges, sticks and brushes to apply them. Drawing – Animals –  in the X-Ray style of the Australian Indigenous culture. Students will use a variety of media such as pencil, oil pastel, felt pens, charcoal.

Grade 5 and 6

Mixed Media –  The Ned Kelly series – In preparation for the Grade 6 Camp at Canberra where students will visit the National Gallery. Students will use rubbings, food dyes and watercolours as well as fabrics and leather to create the  Ned Kelly’s armour, his horse, background buildings and vegetation. Artist Study –   Australian Artist, Sir Sidney Nolan Students will create a scene from the Ned Kelly Series which is housed at the National Gallery in Canberra. Drawing – Still life drawing – Australian History – students will observe a variety of objects relating to our Australian history and draw them using pencils. Examples of objects drawn will be shears, candelsticks, kettles, teapots,  china dishes, jugs and plates, bells, medals, shoes, hats etc.

Term 1 2014


Foundation ( formerly Prep) 

Painting –   Colours – Picture Story Book – What makes a rainbow? Students will use crayon and food dyes to make a rainbow and will then add a collage rabbit and fluffy clouds. They will decorate their framed work with some of the creatures e.g.  purple butterfly, yellow chicken,  green frog,  orange fox,  red ladybug,  blue bird, from the story which they have painted. Here is a link to a colour mixing video. What-Makes-a-Rainbow-Book-1rcvprj Collage –  Portraits – Me –  Students will use tissue paper, wool etc. to make  a head and shoulders portrait of themselves.

Grade 1 & 2

Author / Illustrator Study – Pamela Allen Pamela Allen ShhlittlenmousePamelaAllen grandpa-and-thomas Printing – “Shh! Little Mouse”.  Students will use acrylic paints and stencils which they cut out to print foods  for their stencil printed Little Mouse to nibble on. The background will be a crayon  rubbing with food dye wash. Mixed Media  – “Grandpa and Thomas and the Green Umbrella”. The students will draw a scene from the picture story book before using watercolour paints to decorate it. They will add a variety of  appropriate collage materials to complete the scene.  

Grade 3 & 4

Threads and Textiles – Weaving  – Paper weaving will  give students some practice at weaving before they make a small cardboard loom and weave through it with a variety of threads. You can try Interactive weaving on this  House of Tartan website. You can also watch this  weaving video on YouTube.   Construction – Puppetry –  Book Characters – Hand Puppets with Paper Mache heads. Students will scrunch and wrap newspaper and use masking tape to secure the ” head” onto a cardboard roll “neck” before using  layers of paper mache to cover the head and neck. These will have features added, be painted with acrylic paints and dressed using a variety of appropriate fabrics.  

Grade 5 & 6

American Artists – Georgia O’Keeffe   – Painting – Students will look at the work of  American Artist Georgia O’Keeffe. They will first make an oil pastel drawing of a flower in her style before mixing tones and shades of primary and secondary colours to create their own work. and Andy Warhol – Collage – The students will look at the famous work of the artist before making a piece of their own using collage.

Term 4 2013


Textiles and Modeling  Topic –  How things change and  Fairy Tales Threads and Textiles – Preps will make a “Magic Tower” by filling a tall clear plastic container with lots of different Threads and Textiles which have been altered in some way e.g.. wound, frayed, tied, knotted etc. Modeling – Students will make a  diorama  model of the interior of  Three Bears house. They will model Plasticene bears.

Grade 1 and 2

Modeling and Drawing/Mixed Media  Topic  – Australia and Australian Animals  Modeling – Students will make Echidnas using terracotta clay and toothpicks Mixed Media – Children will use crayon drawing, food dye wash and collage to create an echidna or other Australian creature in a bush environment..

Grades 3 and 4

Modeling and Mixed Media  Topic – Australian  History and Geography Modeling – Students will make an Australian  character such as a pioneer, a miner or a lady in a crinoline dress.  They will add the fired character to a cardboard setting e.g. standing by a fireplace, sitting by a campfire. Mixed Media – Mixed Media work inspired by  a scene from the book  “My Grandma Lived in Gooligulch” by Graeme Base.

Grade 5

Complete Stitched Paper collage Complete and frame for display. Threads and Textiles – Teddy Bears – Make using Teddy Bear Blanks available at ZART. Mixed Media

Grade 6

Threads and Textiles  – Teddy Bears –  Make using Teddy Bear Blanks available at ZART. Students stuff, decorate and make costumes for their bear. Modeling – Miniatures   – Bears dressed up Model Magic will be used to make the bears. Colour with felt pens and frame for display. Group Mosaic  – Year of the Snake – 120cm by 60cms Board with ceramic tiles.

Class Topics  Term 1 2013

Prep Drawing  – Crayon and food dye wash – “What makes a Rainbow?”  iPad App – Draw and Tell 

– Useful Links – Colour Song  on You Tube

 Collage – The Rainbow Fish – Cellophane and metallic papers – overlapping of colours. iPad video of an aquarium. You Tube – The Rainbow Fish

Grades 1 and 2


Construction/ Mixed Media  –  Thick cardboard tube is used to make a tree trunk  – The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton.


Collage / Construction – Creating the Lands for The Magic Faraway Tree. Paper folding, scoring, cutting, stretching etc.


Grades 3 and 4

Drawing  Oil Pastel circles –  Kandinsky –   iPad App – Amaziograph     and YouTube video.


Threads and Textiles –   Circular Weaving  –  Mandalas


Grades 5 and 6

Drawing – Zentangles –   YouTube video  Useful Links : Art Teacher Tangler , Tangle Patterns, Mandala with Zentangles Painting – Artists whose work is exhibited at the National Gallery Canberra.

Class Topics  Term 4 2012


Printing/ Mixed Media Cylinder Clowns

– this example is from 2008. This year the students will print  on the  thick cardboard cylinder, arms and legs.   Modelling – 2D Plasticene modelling of Fairtales such as The Three Little Pigs and The Three Bears Students will look at the Plasticene Art of  Canadian Artist, Barbara Reid.

Grades 1 and 2

Mixed Media – Paper Mache  -The students will model Australian Animals using Paper Mache over a scrunched, rolled and taped newspaper construction. These will be completed with coloured tissue paper, matchsticks, joggle eyes, felt etc and will be displayed in a suitable “Environment”. Construction – The Marvellous Toy – The students will have access to an enormous variety of junk items which they will combine to create a “Toy” eg robot.

Grades 3 and 4

Students will be completing the Paper Mache hats begun last Term. They will then work on Collage – Sunflowers inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers”. They will use a large variety of papers, fabrics etc to create yellow and orange petals for the  flowers and a  vase shape.  Drawing The students will look at Plants and Animals and draw them from real life or by using photographs as inspiration.  They will look at the work of artists such as  English Artist John Gould who was responsible for drawing Australian Birds and Animals.

Grades 5

After completing their folded Alien masks  in Week 1 the Grade 5 students will undertake a Threads and Textiles unit. They will use stuffed colourful stockings and socks to create “Alien” creatures. They will try various methods of joining such as sewing, knotting, wrapping, tying and gluing. In the Modelling unit they will use Plasticene and Paper Magic Clay to create a diorama with a Space or “A Stretch of the Imagination” theme.

Grade 6

After Completing Paper Mache Masks( 6JS and 5/6LM)  or Painting  (6MV and 6DC) which was begun in Term 3 the Grade 6 students will  make a Collage Dragon.  Each student will contribute to the group Year of the Dragon Mosaic and will be given a choice of Christmas Activities from the Zart Natural Materials Christmas ideas Workshop.


Class Topics  Term 1 2012

This Term Mrs Vella and I decided to make a Planner  in pdf  format Year Plan Term 1 2012 Draft 2  with lots of links for our students and their teachers. I hope it works.

Current Class Topics for Term 2 2011  – Whole School  Visual Arts Focus – Australian Art and Literature.

Grade Prep –  Collage – Zoo Theme. Painting Exploring Primary and Secondary Colours. Construction – Food Theme –  Constructing fake cupcakes  etc.

Grade 1 and 2 – Printing – Work of May Gibbs. Snugglepot and Cuddlepie using a variety of printing techniques. Modelling/ Construction – Students use plasticene and Paper Magic Clay  to make creatures in a decorated shoebox environment.

Grade 3 and 4 – Drawing  (with an emphasis on Texture ) and Construction  of hessian Scarecrows – Fabric Sculpture.

Emphasis on the various fabrics involved e.g. Hessian (burlap), calico, checked shirting, felt.

Hessian Scarecrow

Grade 5 and 6 – Portraits –  Inspired by the Portraits of the National Portrait Gallery students  will explore portraits and make some of their own using a variety of techniques. e.g. printing, collage, photography, digital art.

Artist Study –   Australian Artist, Sir Sidney Nolan Students will paint a scene from the Ned Kelly Series which is housed at the National Gallery in Canberra.


Current Class Topics for Term 1 2011  – Whole School  Visual Arts Focus – Australian Art and Literature.

Grade Prep   –    Collage and Painting – Topic – The Works of Mem Fox e.g.Koala Lou , The Green Sheep , Possum Magic .

Grade 1&2 –  Painting and Drawing – Blinky Bill by Dorothy Wall. Trailer for Blinky Bill Movie, made back in 1992 .We will also look at the works of Graeme Base “My Grandma Lived in Gooligulch

Grade 3&4  Modelling and Collage – Works of Barbara Reid and Jeannie Baker

Grade 5&6   Drawing and Painting –  Initial Lettering (as used in Literature) as Art. Painting – Australian Animals in the style of Graeme Base’s Animalia. Graeme Base biography. This Blog should help too as it includes an interview with Graeme Base. Another great interview with Graeme Base is on the ABC Roller Coaster site.

Term Plan for Staff 2011 Yvonne and Glenys.



Term 4 2010   Prep     –     Printing/Mixed Media work based on the Fairy Tale “Cinderella”. Puppetry based on “The Three Little Pigs”

Grades 1&2  –         Construction – Junk Sculpture

Drawing Through the Ages – Cave Art of LascauxGiuseppe Arcimboldo – 1527  to 1593 Italy, “Vertumnus” and his Seasons series.

Grades 3 &4  –  Mixed Media – “Regatta at Cowes”  Raoul Dufy

Weaving  – Weaving, beginning with paper and  then using threads such as wool for another piece.

TeacherTube has an excellent  weaving demonstration video at Grades 5&6 –    Carnevale Paper Mache Mask Construction. Mosaics – A group Mosaic on the “Year of the Tiger” and individual mosaic boxes.

Term 3 2010 – Theme – The Arts and Crafts of Europe

Prep – “Anatole”  (the French mouse) Story by Eve Titus and illustrated by Paul Galdone – Construction and Printing


Grades 1&2 – Painting and Modelling – The characters of Beatrix Potter e.g. Two Bad Mice, Peter Rabbit, Miss Moppet, Mr Jeremy Fisher.  Grade 1 and 2 students are hatching chickens at school so we found this jigsaw link for them. Click Here to do the jigsaw.

Grades 3&4 – Painting – Monet’s “Waterlilies” and Junk Sculpture – Picasso, David Kemp

Grades 5&6 – Collage Matisse – Paper cuts , Painting Van Gogh’s Starry Night Try Van Gogh’s Starry night as a jigsaw


Term 2 2010 Whole School Theme   –  ASIA – The arts and crafts of Japan, China and Indonesia (continued).

Grade Prep – Modelling – Plasticene Pandas in collaged  3D bamboo forest. Grades 1&2  – Mixed Media- Thai Elephants Grades 3&4 – Mixed Media – Japanese gardens with Kimono clad figure.  3D dragon – Fabric  and wire sculpture. Grade 5&6 –  Drawing Garuda Birds – Modelling Asian Pottery.


Term 1 2010 Whole School Theme   –  ASIA – The arts and crafts of Japan, China and Indonesia

Grade Prep- Painting–  Mixing Blue and yellow to make green. Painted leaves form a background for a grey baby elephant mixed from black and white.

and Collage –  Tigers and Elephants. It is soon to be the Chinese Year of the Tiger.The students will use a variety of papers to create an elephant (a new one was born at Melbourne Zoo recently) and, in a separate work, a tiger in the jungle.

Grades 1&2     Pandas from China  Students use newspaper masking tape, wire and paper mache paste to build a 3D panda.

Grades 3&4     Drawing – The animals of the Chinese Calendar

Japanese Fish Kite Construction


Grade 5&6 Indonesian Masks – Folded cover paper and the use of intricate cutting, layering and decorating will provide masks with an Indonesian flavour.

We will also look at some of the other arts and crafts of Indonesia.

Masks 2


Term 2 2009

Prep Threads and Textiles-“The Very Hungry Caterpillar” a fabric collage. Drawing Zoo Animals and making simple animal puppets.

Grade One

Threads and Textiles Stuffed stocking and sock creatures. Construction inside a shoebox provided a home for these creatures .

Term 1 2009

Preps- Painting Colour Mixing Students mix primary colours to make new colours and paint the characters from  the book “What Makes a Rainbow?”

Grade One Painting A beach scene and the students learn how to mix various “skin” tones. They  are  also introduced to background and foreground.

Grade 2 Our School Printing and Mixed Media Students draw our school buildings, print bricks on the walls using polystyrene foam and then add printed trees, plants etc.

Grade 3 Paper Mache Construction –  “Fake Cakes” Students construct cakes for our school’s 20th Birthday. They cover containers  with layers of paper and add cardboard rolls for candles.

Grade 4 Painting Claude Monet’s Waterlilies. Students study Impressionist style and paint using  student acrylics with the same colours and brushwork as  Monet.

Grade 5 Paper Mache Bowls – Based on half a Paper mache covered balloon and in the style of Juliet Bawden.

Grade 6 Drawing Pattern  – “What’s in a Name?” Students use a variety of felt pens to draw and decorate their names and the surrounding paper.


Term 4 2008 Topics

Preps –  Printing Castles and Fairytales.

Drawing -The 3 Pigs and The 3 Bears

Grade 1 Bird Puppets  Paper Mache heads and cereal box bodies with moveable wings.

Grades 2    Printing  –  Rocking Horses  in line with the Toys theme. Students make a paper stencil and then print a rocking horse. When it is dry they cut it out and use it as part of a Toy Collage with a wool tops mane and felt saddle cloth.

Grade 3 Painting Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and Collage of Van Gogh’s Bedroom at Arles.

Grade 4 Students are studying the Elements of Art through Collage.

Grade 5 Sudents are Completing a Dragon Collage.

Grade 6 Students are making Paper Mosaic photo frames and boxes before attempting a ceramic tile mosaic of their own.


Term 3  2008 Topics

Grade 6   Paper Mache Masks with accompanying Fabric drape   Students design and build masks from Paper mache cardboard and wire. Masks are Painted and decorated.

Grade 5 Appliqued cushions using Threads and Textiles. In second half of the term a Mixed Media Chinese Dragon will be made .

Grade 4  A construction with Found Objects will be made followed by  a mixed Media Collage based on a Book Week Short listed book.  Go to for the list of books.

Grade 3   Collage based on the Picture story book , “The Peasant Prince” by L i Cunxin. Also students will be  Modelling using Plasticene and Paper Magic Clay to  make a cat for a diorama. Diorama based on Short listed book “Cat” by Mike Dumbleton. Plasticene is also used by artist  Canadian artist Barbara Reid.

Grade 2  Painting based on the work of Guiseppe Arcimboldo. They will draw the fruit shapes in a face arrangement befor mixing colours and painting them in Arcimboldo’s style.

Many more pictures at

Grade 2 students will also make felt dolls based on the Shortlisted book “PEARL BARLEY AND CHARLIE PARSLEY” by Aaron Blabey. They will use a variety of fabrics to make clothes and threads for hair etc.These will be added to a collaged background.

Grade 1  Students will use Clay and Modelling skills based around the “pinch pot” to model dogs and cats. Inspiration will come from the shortlisted book THE TROUBLE WITH DOGS! by Bob Graham .They will use Paper Magic Clay to make a 2D  Lucy Goosey based on the shortlisted book by Margaret Wild. The goose will hide amongst painted and collaged reeds and pond background.

Students will also try some simple weaving using plastic mesh and a variety of threads. An excellent  Interactive weaver may be found at

Grade One Students will also do some weaving. First they will weave paper strips and then try  weaving felt  strips, wool, raffia and wool  tops through gutterguard or similar.

In their classrooms Prep Students will be studying “People who help us in the Community” and  “The Circus’ during this term. In Art classes they will Construct a Cown based on a cardboard cone or tube painted brightly. A stuffed stocking head and wool tops and fabric pieces will complete the Clown. In addition the students will draw and collage some vehicles including a fire engine and ambulance.


Term 2 2008 Topics

Grade 6  Australian Artists Painting

May 22nd  Students have selected a painting by an Australian artist and are beginning to paint in the artist’s style, creating the same colours, lines, shapes etc and atmosphere.  For information on Australian Artists try

Grade 5  Space Printing and Construction

May 23rd Students have painted a food dye background and a stencil printed foreground for an Alien landscape painting. Sunrise on Geidi Prime Grade 4  Monet’s Waterlilies Painting will link students to information about Claude Monet and his Beautiful Garden at Giverny, near Paris, France,

Grade 3  Sovereign Hill Characters Construction

Students have begun constructing  historic characters based on a cone and a paper mache or stuffed stocking head.

Grade 2  Kurt Schwitters Collage and Construction

Students completed a piece of Collage based on the work of Kurt Schwitters 1887-1948.


Grade 1  Winter /Snowmen Printing and Construction

May 22nd Students stencil printed fir trees for their Winter scene print. Trees covered in snow  –

Prep      Zoo Animals Puppetry

Students are making Threads (Hessian) and Textiles (Wool Tops) Lion  stick puppets.

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