It’s almost that time again.

Our Grade 2 students completed all their set artwork for the term so we explored the Winter and Christmas season as it would be somewhere cold.
We have had the hottest November since the 1860s here in Melbourne so it is hard for us to imagine that it can be cold  in many parts of the World.
I love the character and expression in the  art work  of children. One can almost hear the conversation happening between the two snowmen.
Although the artist didn’t name his work I’m sure it is Taylan’s.He is in 1/2KG.


Christmas Banners for Melbourne Airport

Our Grade 5 students have been busy working as a group on Christmas drop banners for Melbourne Aiport.
 We are very proud of the way they worked together to make these colourful banners.
 They will be displayed, along with  banners from many schools across Melbourne, in the International Arrivals section during December.





Katerina’s Pet Skunk

Our Grade 3 students have been working with wool to make Pom-Poms.
Depending on the colours used these can remind you of things so this one was expertly added to
and made into a skunk. I had no input except for helping with the cutting and tying.
Considering that we don’t have skunks in Australia I think Katerina has shown
great imagination.Congratulations Katerina.