NSW Art Gallery

Painting “Spring Frost” by Elioth Gruner 1882 -1939

After wanting to do so for many years, I finally had the opportunity to visit the Art Gallery of NSW.  Above are some of the beautiful paintings which were on display. I have always liked the painting depicting a frosty morning in Spring. The pigeons reminded me of a visit to Trafalgar Square in London many years ago.The Gallery shop doorway was adorned with huge cardboard flowers. I hope we can decorate our Art Room doorway like that sometime. 

More Op Art – Grade 6


Wow, what a colourful lot of Op Art our talented Grade 6 students have created this year. My congratulations go to the students whose work is posted on our Blog and to all the other students whose brilliant work was displayed in our Art Room. I am extremely proud of you all. I believe that quality work takes time. Let’s see what happens next.

Worm Tunnels etc. – Great Op Art

Congratulations to our Grade Six students who are putting a great effort into their Op Art pieces. “Worm Tunnels” seem to be the most popular, with many students painstakingly adding colours to their work.Their persistence is paying off as you can see. Their next challenge will be to create an original design.