Grade 5PL

Welcome to our Class page for 2017. Our teacher is Mr Lenart.

I think that you might like to try origami. This is the website. By Eti.

Click to Mix and Solve

 I hope you enjoy doing this 20 piece puzzle which I used Jigzone to create for you. Thanks go to Kiara for her great mask.


Hi, welcome to this page. We made this page for people to look at what we are doing in art. We are looking at the work of Graeme Base. He is a famous Australian  author and illustrator. Jake 5PL

Graeme base came to  Australia  as a young boy  and went to a school in Box Hill . His biography says “Here in the spotlight he was a pop star, wildly thrashing this air guitar, jumping up and down in front of the mic”.

We all like reading Grame Base’s books.  He is a great author, we  all like  his  work and we all hope you had fun on this web site. Jake and Suhail 5PL.

Hi, my name is Alec. As one of  my hobbies I play football for Taylors Lakes Football Club. The club’s emblem is the lion. If you want to see our site click on the link on the left.  Alec 5PL.

Hi, we have been working hard on a big project to make our artroom look nice and so people know who has visited our blog. Casey ( below right) and Caitlyn( below left) 5PL.


Most of this term we have been making an option of either a puppet or a cusion. I chose to do a puppet.It was so much fun but it was a lot of effort. Then you had to make a habitat for your puppet. I made Ryan Griffin from the Western Bulldogs so I made the MCG. If you want to make a puppet the materials you need are calico material, a pencil, scissors, paint and wool for hair. For the habitat you just use your imagination but I used a cereal box and paint. Have a good day! Matthew 5PL


Sept 11th 2011 – I found a game widget you might like. My first score was 22 and my second was 15. Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.



16 thoughts on “Grade 5PL

  1. Congratulations 5PL,
    What a great idea you had linking to Graeme Base’s fantastic website. Two of Tuesday’s classes completed the Challenge on “The Golden Snail” and really enjoyed the “Magic” which happens at the end.
    I look forward to what you will come up with next Monday,
    Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn

  2. Congratulations Casey, you deserve your place on your Class Page. You have shown an interest in, and helped to record , the many places our Blog visitors come from. I really appreciate your help.
    Best Wishes,

  3. Hi,I love the blog.Thanks for taking a picture of my Angry Bird MoneyBox and posting it on the webpage.You should be a photographer because you take really good photos of peoples art work hahahahahahaha.Do you like being an art teacher?We should do an art project where you make a random thing out of stuff in your art room and name it too.

  4. You are a good teacher.I really like doing the projects you give us because they’re really really really really really fun.

  5. Hello Thomas,
    Thank you for your Blog comment. It was a pleasure to photograph your work and post the photo on the Blog. I am passionate about teaching Art and I enjoy photography. Our good camera takes fabulous photos so recording some of the great Art work you and your fellow students do is easy.
    I like your idea of making something using all the interesting materials we have in our storage containers. I’ll get some more of your ideas for Grade 6 next year.
    Very Best Wishes and thank you for being such an enthusiastic Art student,
    Mrs Osborn.

  6. Thank you for your kind words Thomas.I’m glad you are enjoing having a variety of Art activities to choose from.It seems to work well with your grade level because you are all such keen learners.I hope I teach you all again next year.
    Best Wishes, Mrs Osborn.

  7. Hi, it’s Kelvin here.I really liked doing the moneyboxes. They were perfect and enjoyable. Can we do something similar to that because it is very much fun doing it?

    From Kelvin

  8. Hello Kelvin,
    I’m so pleased that you enjoyed making the Moneybox. Your Angry Bird looked great and it was quite solid so it should hold a lot of money. I am very proud of you for working so hard on it. I’m not sure what we’ll make next because it’s so close to the end of the year but next year we will make paper mache masks. I predict that you will be good at that too.
    Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  9. Hello Bhavi,
    Thank you for making such encouraging Blog Comments. I’m sure that 5PL will appreciate them.If you would like to bring some photos to add to your Class Page you are very welcome.
    Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

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