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The Queensland Art Gallery has some great games for kids.

My Favourite activities include Harlequin Hallway, Kusama’s World of Dots, Matisse Drawing Life and Patterns of Infinity.

DrawingRoom Jemima_wyman_title monirshahroudy YayoiKusama

Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Created with Haiku Deck  which is available as an iPad App and on the Web.

Today while I was updating the Current Class Topics page on this blog I found a LARGE collection of Collage links. Whilst looking for Australian Artists I found a link to Martin Davies site and enjoyed looking through his portraits.


This Term I hope that our students will find and use some of the ever expanding list of Drawing and Painting tools available on line.
I’m beginning with this list compiled by Tom Barrett from the UK. He is a wonderful sharer of Learning and Teaching ideas.

Last Term I left a What I Know, What I’d like to know and What Activities I’d like to do to Help me Learn about European Art task for my Grade 6 classes when I was absent. The results were interesting and helpful in planning for Term 3. I plan to use this space to add students’ findings. Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa seemed a popular artwork to find out about so I’ll start off by adding a link for it.

Congratulations to Jack of 6 AK for finding this Art Website – Art Attacks

Congratulations also go to Sonali of 6AK who found this good site for Crafts.

Congratulations to Shristi of 6RA who found Kerpoof for us.

Try the Mona Lisa Jigsaw and many other Art Jigsaws at www.jigzone.com. My time was 1.17. James P has beaten me with 34 seconds (after a few practices).

Click to Mix and Solve
I managed to do this Vincent Van Gogh self Portrait in 1 minute and 9 seconds.
Click to Mix and Solve

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  1. Hope you enjoy having a go at kerpoof! it’s a great website. I love it!
    i suggest you make an account, it’s free.KERPOOF

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