Our Grade One and Two students had fun using paper mache over scrunched newspaper balls to create Pandas from China. 
It was a challenging task for such young students but worth the  many rolls of masking tape,  the effort and the time involved.


On the moo-ve in Tasmania…

I am fortunate to be leaving my art classes in the capable hands of  replacement teacher Mrs Deluca while I travel to Tasmania for two weeks with our car club. After leaving The Spirit of Tasmania  ( the large ferry between Tasmania and Victoria) this morning we visited the Ashgrove Cheese Factory. I was interested in the cows which had been decorated by Primary School students.I hope our students enjoy seeing changes in our Blog while I am away. This is possible due to the magic of current technology and I’m pleased that we can  be a part of it.


Art is “Character” Building

Since the Grade 5 and 6 students began drawing and making masks inspired by the art of Indonesia I have been impressed with the “characters” which have emerged in the student artwork.
The Grade 4 students have been drawing dragons on carboard plates. Felt tip pens were used and  liquid glitter was brushed over the top as a varnish.
 We have been looking at the animals portrayed on the Chinese 12 year Calendar and most of them were born in 2000- The Year of the Dragon.
In both cases I feel that the “characters”  would be the ideal starting points for story writing.


Inspired by the Masks of Indonesia

Tarry, whose background is Korean,  is new to Taylors Lakes Primary School  and has come to us from Mowbray College with high skill levels in Visual Arts.
I think she deserves to have this stunning decorative  mask on display to a wider audience than just our 609 students. Congratulations Tarry!


Folded Paper Masks

Our Grade 5 and 6 students have been looking at Balinese masks and making some simply by folding and cutting coloured cover paper.
Prior to adding the completed masks to a coloured background for display these boys couldn’t resist the urge to wear theirs.
Congratulations boys you are so well disguised I’m not sure who you are.