The Wizard of Owl

Our Grade 3 and Grade 4 students gave their Junk Sculptures a title and some were quite interesting, varying from a play on words to just a description. Michael’s car is a “Mountain Car”, complete with papermache mountain whilst what appeared to be an armless creature by Monique of 4CD is the delightful “Wizard of Owl”.


Sharing the Shearing

Yesterday, on the first day of my two week Term Break, I travelled to my childhood home on a farm in central Victoria to watch the shearing. I’m sure many students don’t get the opportunity to see this event so I thought I’d post some photos. The  sheep didn’t seem to mind the camera flash and the shearers, Daniel , Danny and Glenn were very cooperative. The shearing shed was bult in about 1924 so  it has seen a lot of sheep shorn over the years.


Not Just Junk

Our Grade 3 and Grade 4 students have been working hard to see the possibilities of using junk items to create sculptures. With a bit of imagination I can see the little white Alien having lots of adventures around our school. Art works as  starting points for writing seem like a great idea to me. The Alien is by Monique of 4CD and the Chicken Run character is by Stephanie P of 4VR. There are more characters on the Recent Sudent Artwork page.


Junk Sculpture

Our Grade 3 and Grade 4 students have been looking at the junk sculptures of Pablo Picasso and of contemporary artist David Kemp. They have been inspired to make their own pieces, give the choice of a creature or vehicle. “Ruby Red’s” body is a trigger spray bottle while the “Boyfriend” is just a plastic jar.


Vive Anatole

Our Prep students LOVED  the story of Anatole, the French mouse by Eve Titus. I was surprised to see that the book was nearly as old as I am, having been first published in 1956. We read the first few pages of the story which is available at and the students  gleefully joined in whenever I read “his wife Douchette and his six charming children, Paul and Paulette, Claude and Claudette and Georges and Georgette” . They constructed a 3D mouse and  made it a folded cardboard house  complete with furnishings. They also drew the mice in a cobblestoned street and added watercolour paints and collage (the yellow foam pieces are cheese) to complete their work. We never rush our students. We believe that “Quality work takes time”.


Just Beautiful

A family friend who has just returned from his honeymoon in  Brunei, Borneo and Malaysia took this photograph which I asked  for to show our students. In particular, I wanted to show our Grade 3 and Grade 4 students who have been diligently painting waterlilies in the style of  Impressionist artist Claude Monet.  I hope you will enjoy its beauty and tranquility.

Waterlilies Andrew-2