Fantastic Fiji Ahoy

Over the next week I will be leaving my  Art classes in the capable hands of replacement teachers Sharon and Tess and venturing  across the Pacific Ocean to Fiji. My sister Cheryl has been teaching Early Childhood educators there for almost two years and this will be my first visit. I look forward to soaking up the culture and delightful art and craft work of the Fijian people.  I hope to take a lot of photos for this Blog and to inspire next Semester’s work on the Art and Crafts of the Pacific region.
This photo is  of a table mat which Cheryl gave me featuring the detailed  printed pattern work typically done in Fiji.


That’s Folk Art Folks

Over the last few days our Visual Arts Blog has been receiving more visitors than ever and our students are becoming very excited to think that in our small corner of the World we are  a tiny but significant part of the gigantic World of Learning. There is nothing like watching our  students’ faces as our Revolver map lights up with an overseas visitor’s flag , city and country,
Today my photographs are of European folk art from the Ukraine. The Babushka doll and spoons are so colourful and  look so cheerful. Our  hope is that they brighten up the day of many learners across the globe.


Iris Time – A Tribute to Kyri

Just outside our Art Room window is a beautiful garden bed.  It  features a  tree (in the background of the photograph) dedicated to a six year old boy, Kyri, from our school who drowned in a boating accident  during Duck Season many years ago. This year the Irises are particularly beautiful.


The Japanese Garden

Last Semester we looked at the art of Asia and the noted the way in which  Japanese gardens are set out and  are featured on  their beautiful painted wall scrolls. I took this photo  (through a window) at a delightful Melbourne home last Saturday. I wanted to capture the tranquility of the garden for our Grade 3 and 4 students. The plant with the orange flowers is an Azalea and the tall water plants with yellow flowers on the right are Water Irises. The orange fish looks like  a Koi.  I hope that the message of peace is passed on by this photograph. For those who enjoy a challenge, how many fish can you find?


What’s a Squiggle?

Wikipedia tells us  “A squiggle can be a random shape, or a drawing.”  Yesterday our Grade 2 HB students tried drawing animals from my “Squiggle” starting points. I quickly added four interesting lines (mostly curves, zig zags and curls)  using thick black marker and the students were challenged to create four animals  using my lines as starting points for their pictures. Jake wrote me some notes to accompany his animals just in case I needed help with  their identification. I have added his notes unedited as I was pleased with his spontaneous gesture. Squiggles are great to try on wet days, on  scrap paper, blackboards, whiteboards or on the Magna Doodle . We have also been having a lot of fun with  the drawing program Drips. Why not give  a Squiggle a try?