Hickory Dickory Dock

“Hickory Dickory Dock, our Preps, they made a clock”. Our Prep students enjoy the rhythm and rhyme of the old Nursery Rhyme, Hickory Dickory Dock. They used a variety of fabrics, cardboard, wallpaper etc to make a collage and a small mouse puppet to act out the rhyme. We watched some video of the pendulum swinging on my station clock as many students only have digital clocks at home.They were fascinated by the Roman Numerals. There are some more photos on the Prep class pages.

Seriously Sandy



Grade 4CD student Sandy has waited patiently to have her drawings, which she does at home, featured on our Visual Arts Blog. Already an all around excellent performer in every Art area, Sandy was inspired by Manga drawings.  She is now able to draw original characters in her own way. Our congratulations  go to Sandy for her patience, persistence and her talent. You are inspiring us all Sandy.

Who’s for Tea and Cookies?


While talking about the London Olympics  we tried to relate the art work to events which happen in the United Kingdom and that brought up the tradition of having Afternoon Tea. After looking at a miniature  china teaset given to me as a gift, the  Grade 4 students set out to make their own tiny cups, saucers and plates (some plates had the added delight of cookies which looked good enough to eat) using a product called Paper Magic Clay. Paper Magic Clay is a light modelling medium which feels a lot like marshmallow. It can be coloured with felt tipped pens either before or after it dries. It is available from Zart and one packet is plenty for a class of 28 students to make a  small teaset. A closely related product for those in other countries would be Crayola’s Model Magic.