Places in Our Hearts – Henry

It’s so sad to write that our beloved pets have died. They take up an enormous part of our hearts and  when they go they leave a hollow feeling in us. I was blessed to have these two Bernese Mountain Dogs, Lexxy (left) and Henry, in my life over the past nine years. Lexxy died on December 23rd 2011  and Henry, just two days ago. Pets are something that many of us have in common and stories  about them abound. Henry’s special trick was to bring in our newspaper, the Herald Sun, each morning. This was difficult on weekends because the paper was so heavy.
Rest In Peace Henry. Your cheeky character, complete loyalty and unconditional love will be sadly missed.

 I would like to hear about your pet and why he/she is so dear to you.


Thank You Zart




Melbourne Art Supplier Zart is a company which cares about the teachers and students of Victoria, interstate and further afield. It is a wonderful supplier of excellent Professional Development for Teachers. At a recent  New Products Workshop held after school in our Art Room we were treated to some great new books and a range of interesting new art materials.  The presenter, Stacey, allowed us to try out the super new coloured pencils, the fine Posca markers and  to fold some boxes using the great range of new papers. The  many teachers who attended, including several of our Classroom Teachers, thoroughly enjoyed the snapshot of new products and look forward to using them soon. Zart has been around since I began teaching Art in 1986. I owe them a  big vote of thanks for their role in  providing such great materials and valuable learning experiences through their Professional Development Workshops over the years. Thank You Zart.

The Year of the Dragon Mosaic



Each year our Grade 6 students make  a  group mosaic in Art Classes which, after presentation to our School Principal at Grade 6 Graduation, is  later displayed in our school courtyard. Last year we made a larger mosaic  than our usual 60 x 60cms because we felt a dragon needed extra length, as will the Year of the Snake one to be made late this year. The water dragon design was by Caitlyn  from 6JS who has enjoyed drawing dragons since she was small.   Our Congratulations go to Caitlyn and we look forward to seeing some interesting snake designs for this year’s mosaic.