Making Mandalas

This Term our Grade six students have drawn Mandalas using felt pens and paint markers. They were cut out and mounted on coloured paper plates before being displayed in our Art Room.

Early finishers tried making a group Mandala using found objects inside a hoop. The first one is by students from 6JS, the second by 6KK, the third by 6RM and the last by Alannah, Emeyle and Harriet of 6LM.


A few Grade 6 Masks from 2017

This year our Grade 6 students worked on making their decorative paper mache masks as individual and original as possible. Some were mounted on a backing boards, others had additions and cut outs, transforming their shape and character. Congratulations to the students who created the few masks pictured here. Particular congratulations go to Maddy who added tulle beneath the face with great 3D effect.