Grade 6 Paper Mache Bowls


These are just a few of the interesting Paper Mache bowls created by the Grade 6 classes.The above bowl wouldn’t stand so a wire mesh collar was made to sit it in and some feathery wool added as decoration.Many students decided to keep sweets in their bowls. The gloss made an enormous difference to their appearance. It was a product of our favourite Art Supplier, Zart, here in Melbourne.



2 thoughts on “Grade 6 Paper Mache Bowls

  1. These look great. The kids must be very proud of them. I especially like the colour combinations in the first photo.

  2. Hi Yvonne – haven’t had a chance to visit lately….you have some great pix posted! I LOVE the monkeys and bowls. Haven’t done paper mache in years with my kids, the bowls inspire me to try it again!

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