Grade 1KG

Welcome to our Art Class Blog  for Grade 1KG  Our teacher is Miss Glavas.  We have started off with some jigsaws from Jigzone. How long do you take to finish the dolphin puzzle?

Click to Mix and Solve
Click to Mix and Solve

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10 thoughts on “Grade 1KG

  1. Hello Johar,
    It was a nice surprise to get your message . You need to go to to choose a pet.It is fun just to see all the different pets and what they do.It would be a good idea to get an older person in your family to help you. I’d like to hear which ones are your favourites.
    Very Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  2. Hello,
    This is Johar.Do you see the red dot in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in the globe? That is me. How is it going in the Arts Room? Did 2ST paint Mali? The Principal of your school said that I must only go to school at TLPS or my Saudi Arabian school. My father decided I should go to Saudi Arabian school (which is a full form for SAS). So I can only chat with you guys. I also can chat in my computer lab(which is in my school).

  3. Hello Johar,
    It was so great to hear from you because it’s a while since you left TLPS. The Grade 4s worked on Mali. I think she came out very well. She was exhibited at Melbourne Zoo for a few weeks in October but she is back in our School foyer now. 2ST was a hard working class. I’m sure they all remember you. They are about to go up to Grade 3 after our holidays. I hope that you enjoy your lessons at your new school and that you will write to us again.
    Very Best Wishes to you and your family for 2013 from Mrs Osborn

  4. Dear Elerie,
    I’m very pleased that Yazira loves Art. It is certainly one of my favourite subjects. I hope that she will enjoy what we have planned for her class this Term. Please keep helping her to write Blog comments. You are a very kind big sister.
    Very best wishes and thank you for your Blog comments,
    Mrs Osborn

  5. Dear Yazira,
    I am so pleased that you enjoyed making the Magic Faraway Tree. It took a long time but I think it was worth the effort because they look great and we will be able to play with them. Thank you so much for commenting on the Blog. I will put your name in the draw for the Art materials.
    Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  6. Dear Mrs Osborn,
    I am sorry that I didn’t go to art on Tuesday because I was sick. Next week I will be going to art. I am exited to do the Magic Faraway Tree.
    from Yazira.

  7. Dear Yazira,
    We will finish our Magic Faraway Trees and take them home tomorrow. After that we are starting some printing about a snowman.
    I hope you will enjoy it.
    Best Wishes for Term 2 from Mrs. Osborn.

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