More Grade 6 Cushions

I am extremely proud of the Grade 6 students who have shown their sewing skills and their individual design capabilities in the construction of these felt cushions. Congratulations to them all and I hope they keep them to show their children when they are in Grade 6, many years from now.

The Cushioning Effect


I am really pleased with the beautiful embroidered felt cushions hand sewn by our Grade 6 students.There was a great variety of colours and designs, some with applique and many with added beads. We had been talking about mandalas so the cushions are loosely based  on  those. They are small enough to be a pin cushion and just large enough to rest a head on on a car trip. Congratulations to all our wonderful students.

More Grade 2 Dinosaurs Rule

Our Grade 2 students were excited to see the dinosaur dioramas in the previous post and they were very keen to add that their clay dinosaurs had been fired at 1000 degrees Celsius.  We had very few legs etc. falling off the clay creatures this year which indicates developing modelling skills and bodes well for further Terra Cotta clay work in Grade 3 next year. Congratulations Grade 2.