Puppets’ Big Day Out






Our Grade 3 students used 3 sheets of newspaper, a cardboard roll, masking tape and wallpaper paste to create paper mache “Monster” puppets.  The puppets were painted with water colour paints and coated with glitter paint before being dressed in bold fabrics and threads. Each will have a story to tell. I hope to publish some “Monster adventures” on this blog soon.


Mixed Media – “What makes a rainbow?”

IMG_0037-001 IMG_0038 IMG_0039   IMG_0058 (1)

Our Foundation Students were very busy  during Term 1 creating their version of the book “What makes a rainbow?” It was a mixed media activity using water colour painting, collage and stamping and including skill development in tearing, cutting and pasting, brush use and colour mixing. Congratulations to their Art teacher, Mrs Klepkas, for her ideas and the photography and to all the Foundation students for their great art work.