Taylors Lakes 3038



Our school is in Taylors Lakes, which is in  the North West of Melbourne, Australia. It is called Taylors Lakes because it has several lakes on the Taylors Creek. The  lakes have the  names of water birds. Heron Lake, Spoonbill Lake and Kingfisher Lake are  the three named  along Taylors Creek  on the map.



In Taylors Creek there are a lot of different sorts and types of plants, insects, trees and a lot more things you can spot! ~Jillian Ma 5LM~ ^-^

Mrs Osborn took these photos in Taylors Lakes Creek. These photos show a lot of the nature around Taylors Lakes! ~Kelly Lam 5LM~>.<


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  1. Congratulations Grade 5SM,
    You have made an excellent start to your Class page on our Blog.It was a great idea to tell your audience about our suburb and to provide a link to Google Maps. After we talked about the water birds I found some pictures and linked them. Your challenge is to find better sites as I admit to being in a hurry.We can edit the page and add to it next week.
    Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn

  2. Hello Kimberly,
    I am so pleased that you are visiting our Blog. I’m also pleased that you saw someone else on line from Taipei. I find that seeing where our visitors come from and realizing that we are looking at the same Blog at the same time is rather exciting.
    I hope that you might consider writing for your Class Page. We won’t have Art on Monday because of the Public Holiday but you could bring some notes along for Monday 21st March.
    Best Wishes and Thank You again for your Blog comment,
    Mrs Osborn

  3. Thank you for that link Kimberly. It’s sad but interesting, particularly when you are studying Natural Disasters in class.

  4. Hello, today I visited this site and saw lots of things and it was nice that I saw that you went to the place where you spotted that dog!

  5. Hello Jillian,
    I am pleased that you have been following the Blog and that you are intending to bring along some photos next Term. I would like to get this year’s Year of the Rabbit Mosaic started early so some “bunny” photos will be a great help. Dancing school photos will also be helpful as we show our visitors what our hobbies and passions are.
    Thank you and Best Wishes for the rest of your holidays,
    Mrs Osborn

  6. I love how our page is going along so well! The new pets are so cute, I love the panda better, I was hoping we could call it Buttons or Patches but I’d love to see the other names our class can think of!I think the pillows and puppets are gonna be finished soon! They’ll look so good on our blog.:)

    Bye for now,


  7. Hello Jillian,
    Thank you for your Blog comments. I like the pets too. I like the names you have put forward for your Class pets.I will certainly take those two names into consideration. I thought it was nice that you are keen to find out what the other students like. I suppose we might vote on our favourites next week. Maybe we could make an online poll in order to choose.
    Best Wishes and Thanks again,
    Mrs Osborn.

  8. Hello!
    I like the panda and the spider!
    I also like the names Jillian suggested. The spider could be Chips 🙂


  9. Hello :),
    Thank you Jillian for uploading photos that I look nice in. I really appreciate it :). Our class pet ‘panda’ is really cute!!
    From Tamara. 😀

  10. Hello Brooke,
    Thank you for your Blog comment about the widgets on your Class page. You will now be entered into the Comment Competition. Perhaps we could run an online poll to find a name for both pets. I’m sure we could find some more pets at Widgetbox or some of the other widget sites.I look forward to hearing whether you find any others that you like.
    Best Wishes and Thanks again from Mrs Osborn.

  11. Hello Tamara,
    Thank you for your Blog comment. I’m sure Jillian will be pleased that someone has taken the time to comment and to thank her.I am pleased that you have begun commenting. Perhaps you could also bring some photos to add to your Class page.
    Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn

  12. I really like the rabbit you put on the page Mrs Osborn. It’s really cute. Would you like me to bring a picture of me in a basketball match? We are doing a good job on our page!
    Lets keep it up!>.< Kimberly

  13. Hello Kimberly,
    Congratulations on your new Blog. Thank you for your kind words too. You have always worked very hard in Art lessons and I’m glad you like the activities. I like your cousin’s drawing too.Did he/she go to TLPS?
    Keep up the excellent work and I hope you don’t mind if I show your blog to some of my classes.
    Very Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  14. Hello Kimberly,
    I thoroughly enjoy receiving your Blog comments. I would Like you to bring in a photo of you at Basketball. I have noticed you playing here at school and I suppose being so tall would be helpful for shooting goals.
    I’m glad you like your Class page. With enthusiastic Bloggers like you I’m sure we can only improve.
    Very Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  15. Hi Mrs Osborn! I was wondering if the next pet we adopt could be a tiger and we could name it ‘Tigger’ or a turtle and name it ‘Sheldon’? I saw them on the website and those two are my favourite out of all of them..Please? 🙂 🙂

    P.S. I love the blog! We’re doing well! 😀

    From ~Alana~

  16. Hello Mrs Osborn,
    I like how you put the rabbit, it’s really adorable. I like how you show us new things about art. I hope I can just be just like you because you are very good at art. I also like how you put new animals on the blog.


  17. Hello Christina,
    I was very pleased to receive your Blog comment and want to thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you like learning new things.Putting new animals on the Blog isn’t hard, we just need to find them on the Widget web sites.If you find a good one copy down the Web address so we can look at it in class next week.
    Very Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn

  18. Hello Alana,
    Thank you for your Blog comment. I’m glad you were wondering and writing about it. I would be pleased if more people “wondered”. If you show me the web site with the Tiger and turtle next week we can certainly add two new pets. I like the name Sheldon for the Turtle because of the “play on words” with its shell.
    I’m so pleased you like the blog. Please take the time to write more comments, especially to encourage the students whose work is featured.
    Very Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn

  19. Hello Grade 5LM, How are you lovely munchkins going? How is TLPS? I bet you’re all looking forward to camp. Hope you’re all relaxing and enjoying your school holidays!! Love and miss you very much, Miss Moodley xoxo Looking forward to hearing from you…

  20. Hello Shevani,
    Your little munhkins are doing really well. They are in great hands with Lauren McCarter. She is encouraging them to make Blog comments which pleases me and she tells me they are writing great Diary entries. Hopefully you will get some letters/emails from them soon. Their Art work is fantastic as usual and they are a pleasure to have in the Art Room.
    Very Best Wishes from Yvonne

  21. Hi Mrs Osborn,
    I love Art. Since you made this blog. It shows that you are very passionate about art. You are the teacher that I admire to do a great job in art.

    bye xoxoxoxox

    Sincerely Amber 5LM

  22. Hello,
    Me again, lol.

    I love what we are doing in Art which is the friendship bracelets and moneyboxes of course. They’re what I love. Mrs Osborn I think you are very kind and sweet. Great job of putting this blog together,

    Bye, Sincerely,

  23. Hello Amber,
    I’m so pleased that you are enjoying the Activities in Art this Term. There’s so many great activities out there that we can’t do them all but I think we have an enjoyable time in Art at TLPS and we show the World some of our work via our Blog. Thank you for your kind words about the Blog. It is a lot of fun to do and it’s especially great when wonderful students like you send comments.
    Very Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  24. I love this grade’s pictures and all! I think it’s my favourite grade of them all. It’s the best!!!!! Keep it up 5LM!

  25. OMG!!!! I think that this grade has the best website!! I’ve checked all the other ones, and I think this one is by far the best!!! I love doing art and this one grade’s blog page is really creative!! I do hope they start putting more photos up!!!

    Cassie <3 <3 <3 <3

    Great work 5LM!!!!! :))))))

  26. Hello Cassie,
    It was a great surprise to receive your Blog comments. Your spelling and punctuation is pleasing too. I’m glad you enjoy Art. It’s certainly my favourite subject.Which area of art to you like most. My favourite areas are collage and painting. I hope you will vist the Blog often and encourage other students to make comments.
    Very Best Wishes and Thanks from Mrs Osborn.

  27. Hi Mrs Osborn, do you still remember me, I’m Raja i use to go to Taylors Lakes then left to Dubai? I am still here how are you?

  28. Hello Raja,
    Yes, I still remember you. It is great to hear from you from far off Dubai. I’m glad you visit the Blog every now and then. The weather is warming up here in Melbourne. Taylors Lakes Primary School is looking great with all the Spring flowers blooming in our gardens. Mr. Jackson is a great gardener. I noticed that there are lots of vegetables too.
    I would like to hear about what you are learning in school at the moment and what Grade you are in.
    Very Best Wishes from Mrs. Osborn.

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