Grade 6JS

Welcome to our Class Page. Our Teacher is Mr Signorile. You are welcome to try some of our jigsaws. We found them at Jigzone.

Click to Mix and Solve

Click to Mix and Solve

Click to Mix and Solve


16 thoughts on “Grade 6JS

  1. Thank you for your Blog Comment Daniel. I agree that our students produce great art work. I am very pleased with how our students focus on their Art learning and use their skills and creativity to showcase this. Thank you for the excellent example you are setting as School Captain. I wish you well for the remainder of 2014.
    Very Best Regards from Mrs. Osborn.

    All your artworks are slamming good and I know that everyone’s artwork is fabulous and beautiful in its own way. Even though they think its rubbish you can still make something out of it. Also Gino, Gabe, Yamando, Chris have fabulous skills in drawing. SO KEEP IT UP!!!!

    Tamanna 6CP

  3. Wow.. just wow. People from Taylors Lake Primary School have really good art taste. Their creativity is showing that they are confident and have fun with their work. I hope Grade 6CP will stand out the most


  4. Thank you for your encouraging comments Elizabeth. I hope you are enjoying the choice of Art activities we have offered in Art lessons this Term. I also hope you will think of a great design for our Year of the Horse mosaic.
    Very Best Wishes for the School holidays from Mrs Osborn.

  5. Dear Christopher,
    Thank you so much for your Blog comments and for your ongoing commitment to your Art work and helping at Pack up time. I really appreciate your leadership in these areas. I hope you have enjoyed the choices we have provided in Art lessons this term.
    I look forward to seeing your Year of the Horse mosaic design.
    Very Best Wishes for the upcoming School Holidays from Mrs Osborn.

  6. Dear Tamanna,
    Thank you so much for your positive Blog comments. They are greatly appreciated. You are a helpful student who deserves praise for all your dedicated work and excellent skills in each Art activity. Congratulations upon all your efforts and I look forward to hearing about your ideas for next Term’s work.
    Best Wishes for an enjoyable School Holiday from
    Mrs Osborn

  7. I am gobbsmacked to see how much amazing art work is done in Taylors Lakes Primary School. It’s amazing how well you have taught them Mrs.Osborn. And thank you for teaching Grade 6CP all of that work. It’s amazing. Oh and, by the way, thank you for showing us those websties because when I’m bored I go onto the website Colossal and I get some art works and I try to do them so then I have something to do. Thanks!! I hope that everyone is having a great school holiday so far because I know I am and I hope you are too Mrs Osborn!!:) :0 :{) :]

  8. Dear Mia,
    I was really pleased that you took the time during the last School Holidays to visit the Blog and leave such a thoughtful comment. I really appreciate tour kind words and I’m sure Mrs Vella will too. We have worked together for many years to try to make sure our students enjoy their Art Lessons and that they will hopefully they will always share the passion we have for creativity.
    I look forward to seeing your completed paper mâché mask and possibly posting its photo on the Blog.
    Very Best Regards from Mrs Osborn.

  9. Hello Romy,
    I am so pleased that you are enjoying making the paper mâché masks. I hope we get time to finish them. I have thoroughly enjoyed our Grade 6 Art sessions this year. You are a very creative bunch. I hope you have a great holiday and that you enjoy High School in 2015.
    Very Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  10. Hey Ms Osborn I would like you to put some op art pictures on your blog perhaps both of mine, plus you should put more video’s on grade 6js section hopefully you read this message.

    From Charlotte 2017

  11. Hi Charlotte,
    Thank you so much for your Blog Comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the Op Art. I will try to put yours up soon and I’ll have a look for some more good videos. Perhaps you will find some and send me the links by email
    Very best wishes for the upcoming School Holidays from Mrs Osborn.

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