Congratulations to our 2018 Non Campers. You worked so well on your Modroc sculptures with fantastic results. 


Tuesday May 10th 2011 –  Our Wonderful Non Campers might use some inspiration for their  Art sessions today. These are some ideas gathered over the years at the Zart Children’s Gallery.

Best Wishes for  your day  in Taylors Lakes Primary School’s Art History.



NCCC or Non Campers Construction Company was formed in our Art Room on Monday May 31st 2010 and is based primarily on junk items from Reverse Art Truck in Ringwood, a Melbourne suburb. Photos of the Reverse Art Truck operation are at  this site. Offcuts from many factories and businesses are available on a yearly subscription or by the bag full. Congratulations to the Non Camper students who made the most of their time and the great materials available to create some interesting artworks. Well Done everyone.


8 thoughts on “NCCC

  1. Thanks Jonelle, and Well Done to you too.I am hoping that more and more students will start to read Blogs and make comments on them. With the Ultranet coming along soon in all Victorian Schools students and teachers will have their own pages and will send and receive comments. So, it is starting to happen.

  2. Thanks Jonelle. I really appreciate your Blog comments. Well done with your puzzle times too. Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn 🙂

  3. Hi,

    I’m a student that attended Taylors Lakes Primary School, and sadly left in 2003. All the art work is really good, with such a high standard.
    I also had Ms.Osborne for my art class in grade 1 & 2 and you also taught my siste Nataly Caruana.
    Well done !
    Rachel Caruana

  4. Thank you for your kind comments Rachel. I hope that you are still enjoying Art and will continue to in the years ahead. We try to instill a love of Art and for being creative in our students.
    Best Wishes from Yvonne Osborn

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