I have been fortunate to visit many of the world’s most famous Art Galleries.

I am pictured  in the Oslo Gallery with “The Scream” by Edvard Munch


In  most schools  today the areas which are viewed as priorities are Literacy and Numeracy. I believe that there is an important third area which doesn’t receive enough recognition, that of Creativity.  I found this speech very enlightening.     It goes for 19 minutes.

Try putting lots of Art or other topic words into a “wordle”. You can change colours and fonts. This one gives you the basic idea. You can find this at


6 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. Hello my name is Mariana Castillo, from Chile and study pedagogy in education basic general in the university Católica of the Maule, based Talca. The congratulate for the commentary about the of creativity in the class room. I have seen free children spending there time doing the things that really matter to them, they dance, sing, play instruments, and preform as much as they like. As an added bonus they can also do Maths, English, History, etc. I found this a very entertaining blog and also interesting. Thank you very much for this blog and share their experiences the student community.

  2. Hello Attila,
    I would like to thank you very much for all the great comments you made on the Blog and your kind words. I think you deserve to have lots of chances in the special Blog Comment Draw to win some of the great Art materials.I will put in seven chances for you. I am glad that you like the pets. I will make up a 4SK page for you and you can choose the pet. Their are a few available on different websites. I think Widgetbox is the one I used. You can let me know next week
    Best Wishes and thank you once again for supporting our Visual Arts Blog,
    Mrs Osborn.

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