Grade 6DC

This year our teacher is Mr Cristiano. Our Art Teacher is Mrs Osborn.

 How long do you predict it would take you to complete this jigsaw from Jigzone? How long did it actually take?

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Hey everyone, welcome to our Class page! We live in Taylors Lakes, in the suburbs of Melbourne. We have a lot of exclusive buildings in Melbourne, such as our famous MCG, Rod Laver Arena , Eureka Sky deck and many more fabulous buildings. Our MCG is the biggest in Australia, it is a fantastic place to play football. Our game of football is different to football around the world. It is called AFL and has it’s own Australian rules. The Rod Laver Arena is where the Australian Open Tennis is held each year in January. The Eureka Sky deck is a fantastic place to experience the views of Melbourne.


Hi I’m Ethan I’m A Computer TECH HEAD… I have a BLOG if you want to see it click here… I also have 5 youtube Channels they are: Walkthrough’s Hub, Reviews Hub,Videos Hub,Tutorials Hub and The Tech People. You May Also want to check out my fav comedy person John Luc’aka’ My Chonny, Your Chonny and Chonny Day

Hi my name is Jacqueline and I’m new to TLPS, but I’ve fitted in very well. I’ve been to many schools but this is the best one I’ve ever been to. All of the children are so friendly and they all helped me as well as two other people to make us welcome, including teachers.



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  1. Wow Grade 6DC,
    Congratulations on the fantastic start to your Class Page on our Blog. You caught on to the idea of creating links really well.
    I think we could add some photos next week so let’s try and find some which are free of copyright. If you are going to the city why not take your camera. I have some photos but I would rather use yours. Mr Christiano might have some too.
    Best Wishes, Mrs Osborn.

  2. Hello Ethan,
    Congratulations on your new Blog theme and your article on Bullying. I’m sad that happened to you and pleased you reported it. It seems that you are hopefully moving forward and becoming stronger. I want you know that I felt I need to unlink your Johnny Luc references in case our younger students were checking out the Class Pages at home. I am happy to discuss this after the School Holidays. I’m pleased that you are getting more hits on your Blog. I also hope that you have a great Holiday.
    Best Wishes,
    Mrs Osborn.

  3. Thank You for your blog comments Kuljit. I am pleased that you still have a look at our Visual Arts Blog now that you are at High School. I hope that you are enjoying making things in Art there. Maybe you could call in and show us something when it is completed.
    Very Best wishes from Yvonne Osborn

  4. Hello Grade 6DC what a wonderfull page
    keep up the fantastic work great job.
    were the best 6DC. From Jenny 6DC

  5. Hey guys!
    Great page! Well done! Hope you are all having fun in art!
    Hope to see you next year!


  6. Hi Guys,
    I don’t think you know me but I’m Maddisen Maanaima from 5AA last year. I’ve moved to a different school! I like your page!!
    by- Maddisen Maanaima

  7. Dear Cathy,

    We liked your picture of a horse.
    It looked like a real horse.
    Hope we can talk to you soon.
    From Lilli and Madison (St Andrews Primary School)

  8. Hi Mrs Osborn, It’s me, Ida. I find art pretty cool and aewsome because you get to use your imangination a lot of the time and in art there a no MISTAKES. Now I don’t have to worry about if it’s perfect or not. From Ida grade 6LM : P

  9. Dear Ida,
    Thank you for your Blog comments. I agree with you that unlike Maths, Spelling, etc. there are no mistakes to bother us in Art so we enjoy the freedom that brings.
    I’m glad you are enjoying Art and our School. We like having you. Thank you for all your help too. Very Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  10. Dear Mrs Osborn,
    I have always wonderd what it would be like with a world with no colour at all and do you believe that there are certain colours for boys and girls e.g. like pink is known as a girl colour and dark blue is a boys colour? From Ida Miller.

  11. Dear Ida,
    I have wondered what it would be like in a World with no colour. When I was young TV was broadcast only in black and white here in Australia and we enjoyed it, but that was before colour TV came in about 1974. I my opinion things never look as good without their stunning colours. Tradition has influenced the “masculine” and “feminine colours” but there seems to be a lot of pink and mauve around for men now and there has always been beautiful blues and greens for girls. I think we all have colours which suit us more than others. It depends on our skin and hair colour apparently.
    What colours do you like to wear?
    Very Best Wishes and thank you for your “wonderings”.
    Best Wishes from Mrs. Osborn.

  12. Hi Mrs. Osborn, I just wanted to say that I love the activates that we do at Taylors Lakes. It’s just more fun,detailed and you explain it more than my old art teacher.
    ART IS AWESOME! Oh, and by the way, can we do this activity when you draw the person’s face that is sitting across from you and you describe them like how they look, speak and act?

    =) 😀


  13. Dear Ida,
    Thank you for your kind words and blog comments. I have been hoping that our students will become regular Blog readers and commenters since the Blog began five years ago. You came along and just “got it” straight away. Well Done Ida. I am also impressed that you use correct spelling and grammar. I hope we can try the activity you suggested later next Term. We are just about to start our Paper Mache mask making. I hope you will enjoy it.
    Best Regards from Mrs. Osborn.

  14. Mrs Osborn I’m really interested in your types of artwork. In art class you explain and
    teach us things we do not know at all, and we find it interesting. I think you’re a great teacher, and I thank you for teaching me artwork and really extroadinary things, which makes me so interested. Your artwork is still really cool and I hope you teach us other things too.-Bhavi, 6LM 🙂

  15. Hi Mrs Osborn,
    I’m really enjoying making the masks and printing, I’m looking forward to finishing the masks. I can’t wait to design the masks because I love designing. Our page looks awesome and I can’t wait until you post more things.

    From Stephanie K 6LM

  16. Dear Bhavi,
    Thank you for your kind words about Art and about me as a teacher. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and learning in Visual Arts and lots of other areas. My other passion is using technology such as cameras, iPads and computers.
    I look forward to seeing your mask and all the other interesting things we will make this year.
    Very Best Regards,
    Mrs Osborn.

  17. Dear Stephanie,
    I am so glad that you are enjoying making you mask. I am looking forward to seeing your completed mask. It’s incredible to think that we create our masks from newspaper, white paper and some paper mache paste. The decorating phase would be my favorite too. Choosing colours and exciting materials like feathers, jewels etc makes our masks look extra special, an original design, unique in the World.
    Very best wishes for the rest of Mask Making and thank you for your blog comment. I will put your name in the prize draw.
    Mrs Osborn.

  18. Hi Mrs Osborn, I’m really enjoying making my mask. I love the feeling of paper mache. I think my mask is going well.

  19. Hi Alannah,
    Thank you so much for your Blog comment. I’m so glad you are enjoying the Paper Mâché mask making. I also like the feeling of the glue in my hands and the hardness of the work when it has dried. The painting should be a good chance for you to give your mask character. And then comes the decoration, which I also enjoy. I hope you find just what you need for decoration and we can post a photo of your finished mask on the Blog.
    Very Best Wises from Mrs Osborn.

  20. Dear Mrs.Osborn (The best art teacher ever!!!)

    This year I’ve had A LOT of fun in art, especially when we made our masks and the bears. You make every session a really fun time for me and I can just sit back a do visual arts the way I like and art is one of my very favorite subjects of school for me! So thank you for all the really enthusiastic art sessions!

    (As I just said before!) Art is one of my favorite subjects but I can’t believe that I missed the last art session in primary of my life!!!And I really wish I hadn’t of been sick on that day! (sad face)
    Thank you for making the art sessions a really enjoyable way for the grade to learn art skills and be enthusiastic, all year. And I hope to see you later in the school sometime before the school holidays!!!

    Sincerely from Dilara .A (from 6LM)

  21. Dear Dilara,
    You have written one of best constructed and most flattering comments I have received on our Blog. I am very grateful that you took the time to reflect and to write. I really appreciate your kind words, all the quiet and purposeful work you did during your time at TLPS and I will always remember your diligent packing up.
    I hope you get time to collect your Teddy Bear today and that I will see you before you go to High School.
    I send you my very best wishes for your Secondary years and your future and I hope that you might come back and visit us some time.
    Thank You once again,
    Best Regards,
    Yvonne Osborn

  22. Hey Mrs.Osborn, this art blog is amazing! It’s great how we can share what our school has achieved, but in a safe way!
    Art is so much fun, and I don’t think I will ever enjoy art the way I do now, you make it so much fun and interesting. You always give me good tips with my art work, and I appreciate it Very much. Thanks.
    From Emily.S 6LM

  23. Dear Emily,
    It was a great surprise to receive your Blog comment. I really appreciate you taking the time to post it during what must be a very busy time for you, starting Grade 6. It is my pleasure to teach and to learn ( we should never stop learning, no matter how old we are) with such talented and well mannered students as you. Thank you for your comment and I wish you a most enjoyable year in Art and in Grade 6 this year.
    Best Regards,
    Mrs. Osborn.

  24. Hey Mrs Osborn!

    Isabelle here, I love the art blog, it is wonderful to see all the amazing artwork that our talented students have done. It is a great way to show the world what we are made of! Have a great Easter holiday everyone!

    Best Regards,
    Isabelle 6LM

  25. Hi,
    It’s Omar here from my holiday. It’s 2 am and I can’t sleep so I’m checking out the blog and it is awesome. Keep up the good work.

    Ps I’ve seen some wooden swords that you decorate yourself and all the jewelry stores will make you blind.

  26. Hi, it’s Omar again. I forgot to add there was a park full of art work and sculptures and I saw a cool blue and orange dragon on the japaniese katana.

    Hope everyone enjoys their holidays. Goodbye from Omar 🙂

  27. Hi Omar,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our blog and leaving two comments while you were on holidays overseas.I admire your enthusiasm for making artworks and inventions. I am glad you had the chance to see so many wonderful artworks on your trip. They might inspire you when you are deciding how to decorate your paper mâché mask.
    Very Best Regards from Mrs Osborn.

  28. Hello Alyssa,
    Thank you for contacting the Blog to say Hi. Congratulations on your brilliant cushion. I hope you will enjoy the fact that its photo is on the Blog for the world to see.
    Well Done from Mrs Osborn.

  29. Thank you for your Blog comment Sienna. It doesn’t take long to write something and it is a great way of communicating ideas. I’m glad you like weaving. You might like to look at this website for spinning and weaving in Victoria.
    Best wishes from Mrs Osborn.

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