Beatrix Potter Characters

Our Grade 1 and Grade 2 students modelled creatures from the Beatrix Potter series using Zart’s Paper Magic Clay which is a soft, marshmellow-like modelling medium, similar to Crayola’s Model Magic.
Ashton made Jemima Puddle Duck and Amelia made Peter Rabbit. The students had  lots of fun building a house  or garden for their character.When looking through the photos I was amazed at the construction of Ashton’s green table. I had shown the students how to fold and cut cover paper to make beds and cupboards but the table was entirely Ashton’s design. Brilliant.


Discarded but not Forgotten

Some of our Grade 3 and 4 students have been looking at the junk sculptures made by  artists such as Picasso and David Kemp. I found the bird pictured here in the junk materials box. It had been quickly put together and then discarded. I liked it and photographed it  along with a quick bottle head character I put together.There was very little work involved as the foam pieces had adhesive backing. I put forward the idea that many of our artworks can be put together quickly, discarded and seemingly fogotten but their making changes us for the better. Like play, opportunities to be creative enrich us.


After Henri Matisse

Our Grade 5 and 6 students have been looking at the work of French Artist Henri Matisse and trying to emulate his paper cuts but in their own style. Tarry’s work is aptly entitled “Heartbreaker” while Katarina’s “Sea Swirls” reminds us of coral and sea plants. Congratulations on your great interpretation of Matisse’s work girls.


A Better Sort of Paper Cut

My daughter Kate bought me this beautiful red rooster paper cut on her recent trip to China.The rooster may well have been made as one of a  series on the Chinese Zodiac. I hope it will provide inspiration for our students to try a paper cut of their “Year of” animal.
Paper Cut China