Tribal Masks by Grade Five












Our Grade 5 students used natural hessian (burlap) soaked in PVA glue and water laid over plastic mask molds to create these face shapes. When they were dry they were painted using earthy colours and decorated using a variety of great materials purchased from our favourite art supplier Zart. The students were encouraged to use sewing as well as gluing to hold on the beads etc. The frames were custom made for us by Daniel whose business “Images To Go” is just down the street from our school.

Winter’s Here




It’s the first day of Winter here in Australia.  It’s not snowing ( it rarely does in suburban Melbourne) but the  weather is damp and miserable, a great time for writing and reading Blog posts. While my fellow Art teacher is holidaying in Europe I have had the pleasure of taking her Grade Two classes on a Friday. Yesterday the students added  some collage to last week’s stencil printed snowmen. They had a wonderful time imagining such characters as Snow families, Ninja snowmen and even famous snow people who had the red carpet rolled out for them. A piece of red ribbon inspired that idea. Next week we will complete the pictures and begin to plan our 3D snow people.