Spring at TLPS

Thanks to the thoughtful planning by the architect back in 1988, when our school was being created, we have some beautiful raised garden beds and seating throughout our school. Our gardener, Mr Jackson, looks after our gardens very well and provides us with a variety of flowers.  I wonder whether we can photograph a lot more stunning TLPS garden views. Can you find this beautiful iris in our courtyard?

Penguins Pose, Penguins Play

Our Foundation students had a lot of Modelling experience in Term 3. They created 2D chameleons after reading the story “Rex” and then, after watching a lot of YouTube videos, they made tiny 3D penguins. They built an icy penguin habitat using torn paper and polystyrene foam. The brown penguins are penguin chicks which fascinated the students as they crowded together in a sea of brown fluffy down.