On this page I plan to publish some of the wonderful student work from the past.

 Amir’s mask was quite scary for younger visitors to our Expo Night while
Laura’s  mask reflected the calm and green of Ireland.






This hand puppet was made by Jamie who was in Grade 3  in 2007. Its head is made from Paper mache.





This PaperMache mask entitled “Your Worst Nightmare” was made by Mitch who was in Grade 6 in 2007.


In 2006 the Grade 5 students made cushions using a mixed media approach.


Marie ‘s Picasso cushion which she desined, painted and embroidered in Grade 5 ,2006.


Megan was in the Grade 5 Class of 2006 and showed great creativity with her Angel versus Devil design.


8 thoughts on “Archive

  1. Thank you for your Blog comment Attila. There have been some great masks over the years. If you type Masks into the search at the top of our Blog you can probably find many more.
    Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  2. I was looking at some of the new art work and it’s amazing! Congradulate the great new artists for their fantastic work! I was looking here in the archives and saw you had one of my own pieces, thank you for keeping it up there, I was so proud of myself when I first made it (I still am now)! Even now in year 8 you’re still my favourite teacher Mrs. Osborn! I loved those art classes and would do anything to have one more. I have continued with my art and draw whenever I can. Thank you for all you’ve done for me. 🙂 From Jamie

  3. Dear Jamie,
    I was thrilled to receive your Blog comment. It has taken me a while to reply as we have been extra busy decorating a 70cm fibreglass elephant for Melbourne Zoo to help celebrate its 150th Birthday. Our little Mali ( one of 53 in Victoria) has been decorated as an “Element Elephant”. She has a large variety of lines, colours, shapes etc and is looking very interesting. She will be exhibited at Melbourne Zoo soon and will eventually come back to TLPS. Thank you for your kind comments about Art lessons at Primary School. We have such a lot of fun and I am pleased that such talented students as you and indeed many past students reflect upon the enjoyment of and enthusiasm for Art they felt while there.
    I’m glad to hear you still draw. I find it very relaxing. I am wondering whether you have an iPad yet? They provide a nice clean, portable way to draw. There’s some great Drawing Apps available.
    Very Best Wishes and all the best for the rest of Year 8
    from Mrs Osborn

  4. Yeah, we all were issued iPads at my school and I LOVE scketchbook pro, I paid about six dollars for it and haven’t regretted it for a second! Thank you and good luck with the rest of the year! 🙂

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