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Welcome to the Class Page for 6 RM. Miss Marriot is our teacher for 2018. You might like to try some Art jigsaws from Jigzone. What is your best time for completing this one?

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Hi Readers, this is our cool blog.Taylors Lakes Primary School is known for it’s nice teachers and students. We are in Grade 6MV our teacher is Ms Valeri and we have 24 students in our class. In art we are learning about Graeme Base who is an Australian author and illustrator. We enjoy subjects such as sport, music, art and ICT. We live in Melbourne,Victoria and it is a great place to live because we have great Aussie food such as meat pies and hotdogs and we invented the great Aussie BBQ  and pavlova.
By Torey, Cooper and Callum

 Welcome to Grade 6MV. Our  school is Taylor’s Lakes Primary School and we have many specialists  such as Sport, Music, Library, ICT and Art. Grades from prep to 6 have art every week. Every week in art every grade does creative and enjoyable things, such as drawing, painting,designing and creating new pieces of art work. Every-one’s peice of art work looks fabulous.

By: Ally, Abbey and Marina

P.S. Thanks for reading our blog!

Taylors Lakes is just outside the city of Melbourne, Victoria. Taylor’s Lakes is home to Watergardens shopping centre as well as the popular Primary School which has almost 600 students and teachers. There is 26 grades and one of them is Grade 6MV which is the grade that has been writing all this information about Taylors Lakes, Melbourne and the food on the page called Grade 6MV. As you probably have noticed this is our Visual Arts blog. It tells people all around the world about our school and our city and displays our magnificent art work . So make sure when you visit our blog you tell your friends all about us.
By Brayden


Hi awesome readers, we are going to tell you about our school’s Interschool sports and how it’s going. Every Friday we play sports such as Football, Soccer, Volleyball and Netball. So far we have played 2 games and had 1 bye (bye means that we had to miss 1 game because there is and odd number of teams so we get a rest and a training session). Our sports teachers Ms Learmonth and Ms Mcdonald train us and other teachers such as Mr Signorile, Ms Valeri, Mr Christiano, Ms A’Hearn and Ms Moodley. We are in Footy (Cooper.L, Daniel and Torey). Our best Footy players are Cooper.S, Daniel, Torey, Vetim and Dean. Our best Soccer players are Adrian, Dion, Peter and Johnny for the boys team. For the girls team is Victoria, Tiana, Rebecca and Jenny. For the Netball team the best players are Ally, Marina, Abbey, Maddie, Jen and Sarah H. For the Volleyball the best players are Jack, Conor, Quang and Joel.

By Daniel, Cooper and Torey.


Hello everyone, today we are going to talk about what we are doing in art. We are learning about Illuminations. Illuminations were originally used at the start of a story or at the start of a paragraph to decorate a letter.Illuminations were first used around the year of 1397. Illuminations were used in the olden days so that the peice of writing was colourful. The Illuminator is someone who would make a rough sketch, then outline the letter with a pen. Then they would put on the gold leaf first , followed by all the other colours made from ground up stones and plants. When the Illuminator finishes the letter that they have coloured and the piece of writing they wouldn’t throw out the story they would keep the story for a very long time.Everyone has made a start to their letter and at the end when everyone finishes their letter I bet it will look fantastic. Well Done 6MV.


By Rebecca B

Hi I’m Imogen and I’m Talisha and latley in art we have been working on the first letter of our first name and decorating it with pictures which start with that letter. The work has been fun and all the students in the class have enjoyed doing this art piece. People in class have been working extremely hard on the art work. Hopefully they will be hung up, not taken home, because they are such wonderful pieces of art. I hope during the year the class enjoys art.


18 thoughts on “Grade 6RM

  1. Congratulations Grade 6MV on the great start to your Class Page on our Blog.It was a good idea to link to our new School’s new website and to give our International readers the recipe for Pavlova.It will be interesting to think about what other Australian foods we could add the recipes for. I can think of Anzac Biscuits and there must be a lot more.
    Best Wishes, Mrs Osborn

  2. Hi Grade 6MV its me Rebecca, I am looking at our page and it looks amazing, I think we have the most information out of all the grades that have done a page 🙂
    I know that we can gain more information for our page so it look fantastic WELL DONE GRADE 6MV WE HAVE DONE A GREAT JOB 🙂

    From Rebecca 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Hello Dean,
    I was very impressed that you checked out our Blog and that you also went to the trouble of making a Blog comment. We are probably going to look at blog comments as a form of writing soon so you’ve made an early start. I am thoroughly enjoying seeing the high quality of your drawing in Art classes this year Dean. I am wondering whether you ever invent and draw your own characters like Graeme Base does?
    Best Wishes,
    Mrs Osborn

  4. Hey guys, this blog looks great. At least your Grade has put up your blog page. 6JS hasnt 😐 but guys, it looks cool.

  5. Hey Peeps. Our blog is awesome and better than any of other Grade 6 grades. HEHEHEHE! We have Done Well!! Keep up the Good Work 6MV. WOOOOOOOOOOO 🙂 😀 😛 🙂 😀 😛

  6. I sense some friendly Grade Six rivalry here Rebecca. I’m glad to see you are a regular blog visitor. I will add your name to the Comment Competition draw.
    Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  7. Hello Irina,
    I am so glad you worked out how to make Blog Comments. Now we can put your name in the special draw. 6 MV is a great class I agree. You are very creative bunch who recently made fantastic Teddy Bears. I believe that there are other Grade 6 students who might disagree with you about your class being the best. Keep up the great Art Work and your class will continue to shine.
    Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  8. Hi Guys,
    If you guys remember me I’m Maddisen from 5AA last year. I have moved to Rowville. I really like this page you have made, it is very cool!!!
    Maddisen Maanaima


  10. Hey Bob that’s so nice what you wrote.I’m im from America too! Love the artwork!! btw 😉

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