Student Artwork

Beatrix Potter’s “The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher” wast the topic for Prep students in their Drawing unit. Colour was added with water colour paints and collage materials provided the fishing rods etc.Congratulations to Sora and John for their outstanding work.





Whilst talking about Australia and its farms and gardens last Term our Grade 3 and 4 students made Scarecrows for their own gardens. Using wooden dowel sticks tied with string, dyed calico, hessian and a variety of materials, including rafia to represent straw, the students created scarecrows which all had individual character. Here are just a few. There are more to come soon.







Our Grade 5 and Grade 6 students have been drawing animals with an Australian theme and have looked at the illustrations of Australian Author-Illustrator Graeme Base to inspire them. They sketched with 2B pencil first before adding watercolour paints and fineliner pen outlines. Congratulations to Cathy, Sarah and Maddy on their excellent work.






Our Grade 3 and Grade 4 students have been looking at the junk sculptures of Pablo Picasso and of contemporary artist David Kemp. They have been inspired to make their own pieces, given the choice of a creature or vehicle. We hope you like them. Below – “Pikelet the Piglet” by Mary of 4VR, “Punisher” by Marcus, “Animals” by Anastasia and “Feathers” by Elise.






Grade 3 and 4 students created stuffed stocking and wire dragon sculptures. Their work was displayed at our EXPO night on May 19th.




Our Grade 5/6 students drew Garuda Birds. The mythical Indonesian Garuda bird generally looks fierce but ours showed a huge variety of colour and emotions.




This group of Grade 6 students is one of the most dedicated to their artwork that we’ve had for many years.
Congratulations to 5/6 DC, 6JS, 6RA and 6SG and their teachers for all their all their hard work, their ability to focus and their attention to detail.


Grade 2 Weaving using cardboard looms and adding a large variety of different threads.
The work quickly evolved into a “Weaving Street” display in the imaginary town of Tartan.
The students love the interactive weaving site at House of Tartan












of Jeremy Fisher” on the iPad.





Our Grade 5 students worked with armature wire to construct an animal sculpture. Some students created a  Christmas tree.

The sculptures were nailed to a  painted wooden base. Beads, sequins and pipecleaners were added as decoration.






Grade 2 students drew our school and completed the picture with printed brickwork and trees

Prep students used a felt bear as a “starting point” for their 3 Bears drawing. They added Collage to complete the work in their last Art lesson of our school year.

Grade One students constructed these Bird Puppets with flappable wings and turnable heads.They have paper mache heads and  thick cane is used for the flappable wings.When the hand goes up inside the cereal box and the cane is pulled on (gently) the wings move.

These Rocking Horses were made by stencil printing horses and adding them to curved red cardboard strips.They also stencil printed other toys of their choice. The Prints were cut out and used in a Toy Collage. They were displayed in the classrooms.

Grade One students made geese from Paper Magic Clay and added them to watercolour crayon backgrounds.

The work was inspired by Margaret Wild’s picture story book Lucy Goosey.

Pocket Dogs – Grade 2

Students made these dogs in pockets based on the picture story book THE POCKET DOGS by Margaret Wild, illustrated by Stephen Michael King.

Grade 1 Weaving

Grade One students wove a variety of ribbons and fabric strips into plastic mesh. These were displayed in the Art Room window.

Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s work has been the inspiration for Grade 2 Painting.


Michael\'s LionSandy\'s LionAlisha\'s Lion

Stick puppet Lions by Michael, Sandy,  and Alisha .

Joshua and Caleb\'s Lion Puppets.

Prep students, Joshua and Caleb who are twins made these  Lion Stick puppets.


This Treads and Textiles work is by Grade 3 students. The Teddy Bears were inspired by the picture storybook

above by Jane Tanner.






A  selection of student Artwork from the past few weeks.

IMG_6893IMG_6894IMG_6895IMG_6896Here are just a few of our great Grade 6 Paper Mache masks.



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  1. Hey it’s Vivian from grade 6.
    I love art, it’s my favourite subject!
    I can’t wait until we make the mosaic for the year of the rat!
    Ms. Vella and Ms. Osbourne are both amazing artists and they do a great job as art teachers.

  2. Ms.Vella and Ms.Osbourne encorage us which is a benefit for our school.
    We get to learn knew topics such as the Mattise and many more.

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