Art Games

Build your Wild Self

Aminah’s World Collage

Warm and Cool Colours Game

Think Draw

Picasso Head 

Mask Maker

Click to Mix and Solve

Try a jigsaw at Jigzone.


Sea Saws (below) is a great new interactive collage maker. It requires Shockwave.




  Try painting here. Each time you left mouse click the colour will change. Get the Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox!     Draw a Stickman is a great interactive drawing App which I think you will enjoy.        Found this Mixing Room  on a BBC website and it gives you another clean way to paint . Have Fun !     This is a “clean” way of painting   Art Pad.         This looks like a great site to learn the  meanings of Art words is a great Art Detective site which explores famous paintings. I found this great drawing site today.      Picasso Head allows you to make faces like Picasso did but without the paint.      Nick Junior has a Free Drawing site.    This site is a good one for colour mixing.   You get to change William the hippo’s colour.     Try making your own Tartan fabric at  House of Tartan    Or you could try Tartan Maker     Enjoy this great jigsaw site at .     In the Art category some famous Artworks are made into jigsaws. Hint: Don’t start with too many pieces at first. You can have a photo of a favorite piece of artwork  made into a jigsaw puzzle at this site and embed it in your blog. You might need to have an adult help you with this. It is free.   Click to Mix and Solve Click to Mix and Solve    Starry Night Jigsaw Puzzle

Aboriginal Art Jigsaw Puzzle

Click to Mix and Solve

If you would like some drawing tips (maybe to help you with Draw Something on the iPad) then you might like to try some of these step by step lessons on How to Draw it.


NGA Kids has a great Interactive Still Life Activity



29 thoughts on “Art Games

  1. hey it’s kay
    my new school is cool but I miss tlps!
    The blog is fun-tastic and I have show all of my new friends.
    I can’t wait to visit I try and show up if I don’t well then I’ll see you
    another time . miss you heaps

  2. he its Kelly i was in 6js in 2009 now you remember me.I really miss primary school oh and sorry that i haven’t given all the things for my mosaic back i will bring them A.S.A.P we have been so busy with home work and stuff so i haven’t had the chance to finish it but i think I’ll do it on the weekend i will come and visit my old school very soon. say hi to the teachers for me bye

    from Kelly 🙂

  3. Hi Mrs Osborn, guess what? For the first puzzle up the top
    my time was 8 seconds. I love these games. From Jenny 6DC

  4. Well Done Jenny T. I hope to add a few new games to the Blog during the School Holidays.
    Have a break,
    Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  5. I did all the art games and passed them and I can’t wait to see more new art work. Keep it up.

  6. This is a great list of art for kids and we’ll add the links into the Create Art section of This is Art over the next few weeks. Please more sites into the art community if you find them.

    Curator of This is Art
    Diggers Rest

  7. Thank you for your Blog comments Rob. Likewise your site is a brilliant resource for all artists. I have added a link to it and will show it to my students. I was pleased to find that we are virtually neighbours.
    Yvonne Osborn
    Visual Arts Specialist , Taylors Lakes Primary School

  8. I’m glad you like the Blog Jamie-Rose. It’s a great way of communicating ideas for learning. It would be great if each class had one. Let me know if you have some different ideas for it.
    Very Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn

  9. Hi Mrs Osborn,

    We think your games are the best and they are cool! Our favorite game is draw a stick man.

    From Nicholas and Calista 🙂 8)

  10. Dear Mrs Osborn,

    We like the art games, they are fun and very challenging.

    From Lawrence and David

  11. Dear Mrs Osborn,

    We tried to finish your puzzles and tried to beat the fastest score.

    from Lap and Marc

  12. Dear Lap and Marc,
    It was a great surprise to hear from you again.We have improved our Art Games page so I’m glad it’s getting some use. I am wondering whether you have some iPads in your Art Room or Classroom? We are lucky to have one in the Art Room and I have three of my own so we sometimes have four to use. There are some great Art Apps available.Do you know any good ones we could download?
    Thank you, from Mrs Osborn.

  13. Dear Lawrence and David,
    It is such a pleasure to receive your Blog comments. Comments from your School/ Class are always correctly spelled and thoughtfully worded. I’m glad you enjoyed our Art Games page.I think we should find some new ones as more and more are becoming available. I often wonder how they are made. The Draw a Stickman one would surely be quite complicated to produce.
    Please let me know if you would like some of our students to write to you.
    Very Best Wishes and Thanks again from Mrs Osborn.

  14. Dear Allen,
    Thank you for writing a Blog Comment on our Visual Arts Blog. We like to know that students at other schools enjoy our games too. Which was your favourite game? My students love “Draw a Stickman” but they need a new episode as we’ve tried Episode One and Two quite a few times.Can you think of new ideas for the makers to try. You might be able to send them to the company via email.
    Thank you again and Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  15. Dear Nicholas and Calista,
    I’m so glad you enjoy our Art Games page. “Draw a Stickman” has been popular with ourstudents, particularly the Grade 4 students. I never tire of seeing what happens either . I wonder whether the makes will bring out some new episodes soon. Perhaps you can make a story board for a new episode.
    Thank you again and please write again with some of your scores and we’ll try to beat them.
    Very Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn and the Art Students of TLPS.

  16. I love art games Mrs. Osborn!! They rock as much as this whole website. They’re truly amazing. 🙂 -Erin 3pm

  17. Thank you for your blog comments Erin. I am so pleased you like the Art Games page. I intend to find some new ones over the long weekend. I find making a blog and receiving comments on it very enjoyable. Maybe you could start one of your own some day.
    Very Best wishes for the last few weeks of Grade 3,
    Mrs Osborn.

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