Wool Becomes Sheepish

Our Grade One and Two students have been looking at wool. From raw wool, which they thought smelled terrible, to soft, washed and colourfully dyed Merino wool tops, we explored, looked and played. When we began to create a ball we found that the wool stuck together naturally. But, to make it stronger, we wound and tied it with lots of threads before adding  a smaller ball for the head then sticks for legs, joggle eyes and felt ears. Finally very individual sheep appeared and today they went home with the children to greener pastures. This is Alexander’s sheep who, through the power of the Internet, is  now setting out to travel around the World.

Sharing the Shearing 2

Our Grade 1 and 2 students are looking at wool and where it comes from. I took some photos on my visit to the farm on which I grew up and would like to share them. This is the way sheep shearing is done in country Victoria, Australia. The last three images are out of order. Can you find where they should go? The farm is now the property of my cousins, Roger and Bryan Hickson of Muskerry East near Bendigo, Victoria.