Sharing the Shearing 2

Our Grade 1 and 2 students are looking at wool and where it comes from. I took some photos on my visit to the farm on which I grew up and would like to share them. This is the way sheep shearing is done in country Victoria, Australia. The last three images are out of order. Can you find where they should go? The farm is now the property of my cousins, Roger and Bryan Hickson of Muskerry East near Bendigo, Victoria.






12 thoughts on “Sharing the Shearing 2

    I love this pictures it would be great if this was a game called
    “Put the Pictures in Order” game. Living on a farm would be great.
    The sheep look so bare at the end but so fluffly at the start.
    The dog looks so rough and mean but he is likely to be great for help
    on the farm.I love this blog and everything on it. T.L.P.S is a great
    school and art is one of the best subjects.

    From Natalie

  2. Hello Natalie,
    Congratulations on being the first TLPS student to enter the Comment Competition. Yours was a very thoughtful and well written comment.You are right, the little sheep dog was really very friendly, he just couldn’t let the sheep know that.
    I am please that you enjoy Art so much.I will enter you in the draw right away.
    Very Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn

  3. Hello Mrs Osborn,
    I like Art because its fun. My artwork is good. One thing
    that is weird is that you don’t have to take photos of Sheep butts. Other words it is fun at Art and looking at your photos.

    Jacob 5AA

  4. Hello Jacob,
    Thank you for your Blog comment. I suppose that sheep bottoms aren’t the most attractive things about sheep but I just wanted to show you what really happens at shearing time and where wool comes from. I’m so pleased that you enjoy Art. Keep up the great work, Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn
    PS I’ll add your name to the draw.

  5. I love these photos because it reminds me of my Grandpa’s farm and I love going into his shearing shed. I’ve seen first hand shearing and have helped to drag the sheep into the pens. The wool is very slippery and your hands become very soft with the lanolin. I love pressing the wool into the wool bales. It’s like they are going to burst when you pull them out of the cages. I have a border collie a.k.a a sheep dog and he loves the farm as much as I do. I will bring in a photo of Buddy next week. Bye from Dylan.

  6. Hello Dylan,
    I was SO pleased to read your Blog comments about your experiences at your Grandpa’s farm at shearing time. I am guessing that you are a great help to him on the farm and I think he will be very proud (as I am) of you for writing about it so well. I hope you will show him our Art Blog and take some photos of his shed and sheep to show us next time you go there.
    Congratulations upon your comment quality. I will enter you into the Blog Comment competition.
    Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn

  7. Hi Mrs Osborn,
    My sister and I have always wanted a farm but the only animals
    we have is a dog and 3 birds. It’s not much for a farm but there always
    entertainment. I love the pictures because they look awesome and look
    like they’re taken by a professional photographer.

    Bye bye from Monique 😀

  8. Hi,this is Christian from 5AA. I really like your pictures that you took. In fact, I like them so much that I went to Shadowfax Winery and at the back I noticed some sheep. On the ground I found some sheep wool so today I brought you some.

  9. Hello Christian,
    It was a great surprise to get the bag of wool from you today. I am glad that you had the opportunity to see the sheep up close and to get some wool from the ground. Since you kindly said we could keep it maybe we could wash the wool and dye it with different coloured dyes. I’ve heard onion skins in the water make a nice colour. Maybe you could find out what colour that is?
    Thank you again for bring in the wool. I will add your name to the Blog Comment Competition.
    Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

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