Happy Australia Day


There are 365 days per year of national pride for me as an Australian but even more pride today because it is January 26th, Australia Day. It is a Public Holiday and one of celebration of the great country we have, our character, our heritage and our relaxed lifestyle. We are known around the World for our unique wildlife so today I am adding some photos from my collection. The kookaburra “Chucky” and  the young koala were photographed at a wildlife presentation by Chris Humphrey of Wild Action. I hope you have a Happy Australia Day wherever you are.

2 thoughts on “Happy Australia Day

  1. Cool. I would never ever get to hold a kookaburra,I’ve never ever seen one even.I did draw one day too. It was hard:)
    Bhavi 5CD

  2. Hello Bhavi,
    Thank you so much for your Blog comments about the Kookabarra. They are a bird which can become quite tame so I have been lucky to see them up close quite a few times. They are also to be seen sitting on power lines watching out for prey. Keep a look out next time you are travelling along country roads. I’ll do some research and ask how much it would be to get them to visit us at school.
    Very Best Wishes from
    Mrs Osborn.

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