Grout’s about to make a difference



Each year at Taylors Lakes Primary School in Melbourne, Australia, our Grade 6 students make a group mosaic. It is presented to the School Principal  by the designer/s at Graduation to leave at the school for the future.  Following the Chinese Calendar and beginning in 2005 with the Year of the Rooster we have made a Dog – 2006, Pig- 2007, Rat- 2008, Ox- 2009, Tiger 2010 and recently the Rabbit in 2011. Each measuring 60cm by 60cm, the mosaics are displayed on a wall near our Library. These photos show the difference grout makes, filling the gaps between the tiles. I want to stress that it is all the students’ work. I do the grouting as it is so time critical and it is better if there are no interruptions, something which rarely happens at school. I hope you like their work. They would really appreciate your comments.

3 thoughts on “Grout’s about to make a difference

  1. Thank you so much for your Blog comment. I visited your great blog and I was very impressed with all your Drawings etc. I think my Grade 5 and 6 students will also be impressed when I show them tomorrow. We are looking at the Art of illustrator Shaun Tan. I am sure that we can also look at your work as I think it will be great for them to see just what one person can achieve in showcasing their talent as you have. I’m wondering whether you mind us asking how old you are?
    Very Best Wishes from Yvonne Osborn, Taylors Lakes Primary School, Melbourne, Australia.

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