A Visit to Zart

School Holidays wouldn’t be complete for me without a visit to wonderful Art Supplier Zart in Box Hill.  Aiming to buy most of our art materials for the next ten weeks of art lessons I was pleased to find that there were some great new products and a “Hands On” area where products may be tried.  Without too much effort I filled several trolleys and the staff helped me to lug the boxes out to my van in the 33 degree (91 degrees farenheit) heat. While they were processing my order I took the opportunity to take some photos in their Student Gallery upstairs. Congratulations to the students and Art Teachers from the featured schools. You  have already and will continue to inspire us.

5 thoughts on “A Visit to Zart

  1. Thank you for your Blog Comments Jana. It has been great to see that you have discovered how easy it is to make comments on Blogs. I will show you some other great Blogs which are made by one student (with a bit of help from their teacher). One I am thinking of is by a girl from California who started it in Grade 3.I think she’s in Grade 4 now. It is called Hannah’s Hacienda. I like the jelly bean background she has used. I hope you can find it through Google.
    Thank you once again and Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  2. Dear Mrs Osborn,
    Our class has just started blogging, and we all enjoy creating wonderful works of art so we were keen to look at your blog. To our great surprise we saw our tigers , the ones we had put in the Zart gallery , it really made our day !
    We hope you enjoyed looking at them because we loved making them .
    Regards from
    Grade 3/4 DC and Mrs Cosgrave

  3. Dear Mrs Cosgrave and Grade 3/4 DC,
    Thank you for your Blog comment. It was a great surprise to me when I checked the “comments” while on holidays here in Queensland. I am having an extended holiday you and my Art Classes are back at work.
    Congratulations on the wonderful tigers you created and on the start of your own Blog.I always take my camera with me when I visit Zart and I was very impressed with the quality of your Art work. I am wondering whether you have thought of creating elephant faces with scrunched wet paper like author Illustrator David Miller does?
    Our Blog was started almost four years ago in May 2008. It has been viewed over 30,000 times so we are proud of that. Our students find it hard to believe that people across the World would be interested in us.
    When I return to school our Grade 4s and a Grade 3/4 are going to decorate a fiberglass Mali elephant to be displayed at the Melbourne Zoo. There were only 50 available. Perhaps your School got one too.
    Very Best Wishes and “Well Done” to you all,
    Mrs Osborn
    Visual Arts Specialist Teacher
    Taylor’s Lakes Primary School

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