Grout’s about to make a difference



Each year at Taylors Lakes Primary School in Melbourne, Australia, our Grade 6 students make a group mosaic. It is presented to the School Principal  by the designer/s at Graduation to leave at the school for the future.  Following the Chinese Calendar and beginning in 2005 with the Year of the Rooster we have made a Dog – 2006, Pig- 2007, Rat- 2008, Ox- 2009, Tiger 2010 and recently the Rabbit in 2011. Each measuring 60cm by 60cm, the mosaics are displayed on a wall near our Library. These photos show the difference grout makes, filling the gaps between the tiles. I want to stress that it is all the students’ work. I do the grouting as it is so time critical and it is better if there are no interruptions, something which rarely happens at school. I hope you like their work. They would really appreciate your comments.