What’s He/She Thinking?

Today I’ve added this photo of a cross-bred sheep which I took on a visit to a Finley, New South Wales farm earlier this year. He or she, I can’t tell from the photo, grew up as a pet. As a lamb it was fed milk from a bottle and now it eats grass in the sheep yards. Although it was used to people being close by, the sheep still seemed  a little worried. What do you think he/she was thinking? And why post sheep photos on an Art Blog? We are finding that wool, when washed and dyed, has many different uses. What have you made from wool?

7 thoughts on “What’s He/She Thinking?

  1. I agree with you Angelo. I like the way you used the word “pasture”. It makes me think of thick green grass so I think you are right. Not all students your age would know that word. I will enter your name into the Blog Comment Competition. Well Done and Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  2. I think the sheep is thinking…”I hope we don’t have to get sheared today because there is a lot of food at the back of the paddock that I have my eye on!”

  3. Hello Felicity,
    Thank you so much for your Blog Comment. You were thinking the same as I did as a child when I grew up on a sheep farm in central Victoria. The sheep are much cooler when they are shorn.The warm Spring weather of September was a good time to shear the wooly fleeces off the sheep and allow them to have lighter coats for the Summer.
    I will add your name to the Blog Comment competition,
    Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  4. Hello Ashleigh,
    I like the way you were able to put yourself in the sheep’s position.I guess they don’t have to worry about too much. No work to do except grow wool.
    Very Best Wishes from
    Mrs Osborn.

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