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Yesterday we had a foggy start to the day in Melbourne and moisture drops hung on the plants which are beginning to bud with Spring officially only eleven days away. I captured this spider web neatly constucted between the branches of an hibiscus bush. You’ll need to look closely to find the intricate pattern and weaving skill of the spider which had, I imagine, found a safe place elsewhere on such a cold morning.

14 thoughts on “Look Closely

  1. Wow!!! This looks great. I wish I could actually see that in real life, as in not in just a photo.
    I think this is the most beautiful spider web i have see in a couple of years. I can’t believe a spider would put that much effort in making a web.

  2. Hello Jaspreet,
    Thank you for your Blog comment. It was a really beautiful web with all the water droplets on it.I think you will find one next time we have a foggy morning. It depends on whether you have some deciduous trees too because then the webs are easier to see.
    Very Best Wishes from Yvonne Osborn.

  3. That spider web looks amazing! The dew drops add that extra touch to it too. But, I just have one question to ask… Where’s the spider?

    Jennifer 🙂

  4. I didn’t see the spider on that foggy morning Jennifer but I’ll keep an eye out for it when I’m working in the garden this weekend. I am pleased that you are checking out the Blog regularly. I hope you like the Wool Quiz I made for the Grade One classes. It is on their pages and was made using Quiz Revolution.

  5. Hello Mrs. Osborn,

    It’s great to see that you have been using this blog to further our learning in art.

    I must say your photography is just unbelievable! Even some proffesional photographers may not have been able to take such a beautiful picture!
    I have seen other photos of yours too and they are also amazing!
    I’m sure this spiderweb is beautiful with the dewdrops, but your photography would’ve made it even more beautiful!
    Well Done!


  6. Hello Srishti,
    Thank you for your kind words in praise of the Blog and my photography. I have to admit that some of the photographs were taken by my husband Greg but I noticed the spiderweb and took that photo. It was very difficult to focus upon. We have a professional series lens on our camera so that explains the picture quality. Photography is one of my hobbies and I can highly recommend it.
    I hope that you are enjoying Art in Year 7 and that you are learning lots of new and interesting techniques. It would be great to see you one afternoon after school. Thursdays are the most convenient and Mrs Vella is there too.
    Very Best Wishes and Many Thanks again from
    Mrs Osborn.

  7. Wow!I love the focus on the photo. It really completes the photo. It must of have been a freezing day.:)

  8. Hi Mrs Osborn,
    I liked your spider web picture. Once I saw a spider making a web, it looked really awesome. Where did you get that picture?

  9. Hello Amrit,
    Thank you for your Blog comment, about the spiderweb. I took that picture on a foggy Saturday morning a few weeks ago in my back garden.I have never actually watched a spider make a web so you were lucky to see it.Do you have a digital camera? If you or someone in your family does perhaps you could take some photos for your Class Page.
    Very Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  10. Wow Mrs Osborn, amazing pictures you’ve taken.
    So beautiful!! You should become a photographer.
    Talk to you soon. Jenny 6DC

  11. Thank You Jenny. I’m glad you like the photos. Perhaps I’ll become a photographer when I retire from Teaching. I have thought of doing that. I think it is still a few years down the track.
    Enjoy your holiday,
    Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  12. I have always admired the artistry of spiders. How something so practical can also be so beautiful. What an awesome photograph.

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