It’s a Quiz Revolution

It constantly amazes me that while travelling around the World Wide Web the  turns you take can open doors which lead you on great adventures.  While  digging around in The Teaching Palette I stumbled across Quiz Revolution and had lots of fun making a quiz about Wool for our students. I hope you will enjoy it and try making some quizzes of your own.


3 thoughts on “It’s a Quiz Revolution

  1. This quiz is quite fun! I’ve only been able to get 11/14 answers correct. I wonder what else we could make a quiz on!

    From, Jennifer 😛

  2. Hello Jennifer. Well done for getting 11. I think that’s a great effort. I have also been wondering what else to make a quiz about. It would be good to make some Art related quizzes. It’s a lot of work for one person so perhaps we could make them in pairs or even fours.
    I’m certainly going to make more quizzes as I just paid the yearly subscription to make an unlimited number.

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