Making Teddy Bears

This year our Grade 6 students are making Calico Teddy Bears. We are lucky to be starting with a Teddy Bear blank from Zart Art in Box Hill. All we need to do is carefully cut around the bear outline and clip the corners and curves before turning it inside out, dyeing and /or painting, stuffing, sewing the small opening and dressing it. An idea of a completed bear can be found on the Zart website.We should have some very handsome and attractive bears  with wonderful personalities by the end of Term 3.

3 thoughts on “Making Teddy Bears

  1. Hello Isabelle,
    Thank you for your great Blog comments over the past few days. I will enter your name into the Comment Competition several times. I’m sure that your encouraging words will be a great treat for the students whose work is on display. It’s a treat for me having such enthusiastic students as you in Art classes.
    I’m sure we will probably make the bears when you are in Grade 6.Other than that I could put a teddy bear blank as one of the prizes for the competition. Let me know what you think of that idea,
    Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn

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