The Rolls Royces of Blogging

Our second task in the Teacher Blogging Challenge is to refer in a post to some posts by other bloggers which we have found interesting. I have chosen Larry Ferlazzo and Rod Lucier as my Rolls Royce bloggers because of their  “overall excellence” as writers, the “build quality” of their blogs and the lasting impression they have had on me as an educator. Their posts are effective because of the thinking they encourage and because of the practical help their links provide. I liken their consistent excellence to that of Rolls Royce cars. I took the photos at the RACV Great Australian Car Rally last Sunday. The well recognized statue on the front of the Rolls Royce is the Spirit of Ecstasy.




4 thoughts on “The Rolls Royces of Blogging

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  2. Just as I struggle with how to incorporate good photos into my blog, I visit your blog for the first time. What a great utilization of graphics to make your posts more interesting and visually appealing. Very creative!

  3. Whoa! Yvonne! How fantastic that Larry Ferazzo has commented back on this post! I really enjoy his work and blogging as well. Rod Lucier is one that I am not aware of, but will check out his work. I love your correlation to the Rolls Royce. They are a superb car. As a sideline, we attended an Australia Day ceremony in Surfers Paradise (we are holidaying up here) and they had a wonderful vintage car display. The old Ford cars were beautiful too.

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