The Rolls Royces of Blogging

Our second task in the Teacher Blogging Challenge is to refer in a post to some posts by other bloggers which we have found interesting. I have chosen Larry Ferlazzo and Rod Lucier as my Rolls Royce bloggers because of their  “overall excellence” as writers, the “build quality” of their blogs and the lasting impression they have had on me as an educator. Their posts are effective because of the thinking they encourage and because of the practical help their links provide. I liken their consistent excellence to that of Rolls Royce cars. I took the photos at the RACV Great Australian Car Rally last Sunday. The well recognized statue on the front of the Rolls Royce is the Spirit of Ecstasy.




10 Things you should know about Blogging

1. Blogging is fun…..when you take the plunge.

Bathing Hour

E. Phillips Fox | Australia/France 1865-1915 | Bathing hour (L’Heure de Bain) c.1909 | Oil on canvas | 183.5 x 113.3cm | Purchased 1946 | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

2.Blogging takes time ……but is well worth the effort.


Artist Salvador Dalí, Year 1931, Type Oil on canvas, Dimensions 24 cm × 33 cm (9.5in x 13in) 

3. Blogging makes great connections…….it even makes friends.

The Mantuan Circle of Friends 1602   Oil on canvas   101 x 77.5 cm (3′ 3.76″ x 30.51″)  Private collection

4.Blogging allows for, and requires, reflection……it’s surprising what you will think and remember.


Auguste Rodin 1903  The Thinker Bronze and Marble – Musée Rodin
5. Blogging spreads the word…..about what’s important to us  e.g. the creating, making and enjoyment of  Visual Arts.


Renoir, Pierre Auguste (1841-1019) – 1867 Frederic Bazille at his Easel (Musee d’ Orsay)

6.Blogging creates understanding…..of others and our place in the World.


Artist: Joy Nakamarra (b. 1959 – )  Title: Honey Ants galjoy0708-1  Medium: Acrylic on LinenImage Size: 45 x 85cm  Framed size: 75 x 115 cm

Blogging showcases achievement…..and promotes excellence.


Lion Mask by Tahlia Grade 6 2009 at Taylors Lakes Primary School

8.Blogging creates a picture of what we’re about…… from the smaller parts to the “bigger picture”.
Grade 6 Mosaic, designed by Erika (pictured) presented at Graduation to Acting Principal Chris Sevior

9.Blogging fosters creativity…….. and  also allows for our individuality.

Junk Sculpture by Mariam of Grade 4, Taylors Lakes Primary School.
10.Blogging is the creation of an Art form…… it allows us to appreciate, celebrate and embrace the learning fostered by the Blog’s  existence.

Fullscreen capture 11012011 125257 AM.bmp

Screen Capture of Visual Arts @Taylors Lakes Primary School Blog hosted by Edublogs.In conclusion, I highly recommend Blogging  as a learning experience. It has enhanced my learning and teaching and, in so doing, enhanced my life.
Best Wishes on your own Blogging journey, Yvonne Osborn, Melbourne, Australia