The Cushioning Effect

Nicola’s birds seem to be deep in thought or conversation.

Caitlyn’s lizard stands proudly in the desert.



Our Grade 5 students have made some interesting cushions  and puppets using original designs based on the broad topic “Australia”. They did all the sewing themselves and are to be congratulated on bringing  their different ideas to life. See if you can find the “Black Saturday Bushfires”, “Jail Bird”,  “An Australian Beach”, The Lizard”  and “Crabs”.  I am constantly amazed with the creativity of our students and  by the different things they make within given guidelines. The double faced puppet has a Australian Politics theme. Julia Gillard (with the red hair) is on one side (our Prime Minister) and Tony Abbott is on the opposite side (our Opposition Leader).

Cushions “N” Things

The original purpose of our Visual Arts Blog was to showcase student artworks so today I am adding a photo of one of the decorated cushions made by Grade 5 students. This one, by Monique B, features polycotton fabric which has had her design painted on it and then she has sewn that piece onto an existing cushion. Monique  also added buttons and beads to complete an original idea based on one of our Australian snakes. Congratulations Monique.

Our School garden is looking its best after recent Spring rain. Amongst the many flowers in bloom are two sorts of Irises. I think it is important  that students know the names of the common flowers and are given the chance to look closely  in order to draw or paint them. Visitors often comment upon the excellent and calm behaviour of our students. Beautiful surroundings, such as our school has, provide a wonderful and caring background for their learning at Taylors Lakes Primary School. Staff members also feel good about their work environment and this is passed on to the students. We would like to say a special “thank you”  to our talented gardener, Mr Laurence Jackson.