Mali Makes a Difference


Over the past couple of months our Grade 4 students have been working on the decoration of Mali the fibreglass elephant as part of the Melbourne Zoo’s Mali in My School Project which was launched to help celebrate the Zoo’s 150th Birthday. The theme of looking after all our planet’s animals, in particular our endangered animals here in Victoria, was encouraged in an excellent Resource Folder which accompanied little Mali. From pristine white fibreglass, our Mali, who is our  school’s  Art Elements Elephant became one of bright colours, shapes, lines textures and patterns. The decoration was the work of students from three Grade 4 classes and a Grade 3/4. How has she made a difference you might ask? One aspect was the level of Team work involved whilst allowing for individual ideas. The juggling of other art work around working on Mali as only a maximum of six students could fit around her was a skill we perfected and the seeing through to the end of a long project and presenting her with pride at Assembly were others.
Congratulations Grade 4 and 3/4. Your hard work  has paid off in a sculpture to be very proud of and in the creation of a group project which will remain in our school for many years to come, helping future students learn too.


3 thoughts on “Mali Makes a Difference

  1. To all of the Grade 4 classes and 3/4 class,
    Congratulations on your amazing work!
    I wish I had a chance to paint Mali.
    It looks amazing and I love it!
    Great job,
    from Stephanie.B

  2. Dear Stephanie B,
    Thank you for your Blog comment. It is pleasing that you were kind enough to take the time to congratulate the students who had the opportunity to paint the Mali model.
    It took us quite a few weeks and a lot of cooperative effort to finish her. We are now looking forward to seeing her at the Melbourne Zoo during the School Holidays.We will also be pleased when she returns home to TLPS later in the year.
    If you had the chance, which animal model would you like to decorate?
    Very Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  3. Wow! Mali looks so good!
    It was once a plain old sculpture but now it’s full of colour!
    I hope Mali has a safe trip back to the Zoo!
    Good job to all the Grade 4’s.
    I like the braid on its trunk!


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