Mali, the Art Element Elephant, emerges at TLPS.


Designed and decorated by our Grade 4CD, 4SK, 4AA and 3/4HL students, plain fibreglass Mali who arrived from Melbourne Zoo will soon return there for display along with 52 others from schools around Victoria and 50 larger elephants decorated by professional artists. Our students painted her using Global paints in a myriad of colours and  she has now been varnished to protect her  whilst she is outside at the Zoo. We are looking forward to her return to Taylors Lakes Primary School where she will be used to reinforce the Art elements such as colour, line, shape etc for many years to come. I would like to congratulate our students and welcome  your Blog Comments to encourage them as this is their first group artwork to be displayed in a public arena outside our school.

6 thoughts on “Mali, the Art Element Elephant, emerges at TLPS.

  1. Mali looks fabulous! Congratulations to all the students for creating such a terrific piece! We look forward to visiting her at the Melbourne Zoo very soon. When will she arrive there? My daughter Anastasia had a fun time painting the bow around Mail’s trunk, and couldn’t wait to show her family the end result. Passionate about art, Anastasia talked about Mali for weeks, and about all the different things the kids were painting. I’m so happy to have finally seen Mali and share her enthusiasm about this wonderful piece of art. Thanks Mrs Osborn! Barbara Fonianis…

  2. Hi Mrs Osborn,
    Mali looks great. Is she going to be at Watergardens? I might go to the Melbourne Zoo to see her. I painted the bow on the trunk.I really like Mali. She looks fantastic.
    From Anastasia

  3. Hello Anastasia,
    Thank you for your blog comment and your kind words about Mali. She is a colorful little elephant and I am so glad that such wonderful and enthusiastic students such as you have helped make her so interesting and attractive. The bow around the trunk is very well thought out and its colour scheme is perfect.
    Thank you for all your hard work and enthusiasm, from Mrs Osborn
    PS Sadly Mali won’t be going to Watergardens as planned due to insurance issues but she is going to the Zoo for the School Holidays and for the Zoo’s 150th Birthday celebrations.After that, she will be coming back to us for the future.

  4. Dear Mrs Fonianis,
    Thank you so much for your kind words regarding Mali. It is a pleasure to have been involved in the Mali in My School Project and to have worked with such passionate and talented students as Anastasia and her fellow Grade 4s.
    Mali will be at the Zoo ready for the School Holidays and she will remain there with the other 52 small elephants decorated by schools throughout Victoria and the other 50 decorated by professional artists. There will certainly be a lot to photograph on your intended Zoo visit.
    Thank you once again for your congratulatory message. I really appreciate you taking the time to write.
    Best Regards,
    Yvonne Osborn Visual Arts, Taylors Lakes Primary School.

  5. Hi Mrs Osborn,

    Mali is looking fantastic! Well done to the Grade Fours for this wonderful masterpiece!
    How are you?
    It’s great to see how well your blog has come along and how many students have become so enthusiastic about art (inc. myself) after you have taught them!
    High school is going alright but I truly miss art lessons with you dearly!!!
    I miss primary school but I’m glad that I was taught by you and have many bits of knowledge which I have learnt from our art lessons together.
    Congratulations on the success of your blog and I wish to see you soon when I come by for a visit.


  6. Dear Srishti,
    Thank you so much for your very kind feedback about our Element Elephant Mali. She has been very enjoyable to watch emerge and we are very proud of our finished work. I think our Grade Fours will be very pleased and proud to read your comments. I’m glad to hear of your fond memories of Primary School Art. I hope that you will continue to enjoy and appreciate Art throughout your life. It would be great to see you at school at any time.
    Very Best Wishes for a great School Holiday break
    from Mrs Osborn

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