Koalas and Kookaburras Sit

One of the activities that our native Koalas and Kookaburras are most often seen doing is sitting. Visitors to zoos are often excited  to see the cuddly looking koalas but disappointed to find that they just sit, often with their backs to the visitors, and sleep. This sleepiness is due to their diet of Eucalyptus leaves. Kookaburras sit too. They often sit alone high on electic wires or a tree branch waiting to catch a glimpse of movement as a delicious snack comes into view. They then swoop and grab their prey before going back to sit and wait. Catherine  of 5PL drew and then painted a kookaburra on some fabric before adding it to a plain cushion. Ashvini of 5AA made two koala puppets, named them Lucas and Lucy and set up a tree where they can sit. Perhaps you can think of another conversation they could have as they sit. Congratulations to both students upon making these great Australian characters.