What’s Inside ?


I had often wondered what the inside of a mosque would be like. In Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates I had the chance to visit the very large and beautiful Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Here are just some of the photos we took to show the incredible work which has produced the very ornate stucture and furnishings. The  enormous carpet was  hand made by  between 1,200- 1,300 carpet knotters in Iran using New Zealand and Iranian wool . The seven chandeliers are made from millions of Swarovski Crystals. Marble mosaics adorn the walls and the courtyard. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre welcomes visitors. Having the opportunity to experience this part of Middle Eastern culture was a highlight of our trip to the UAE.










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  1. We are holding a competition for Taylors Lakes Students to make Blog comments. This one is just a trial.

  2. Thank you for your Blog comment Natasha. The Sheikh Zayed Mosque was one of the most interesting buildings I have ever been inside.The good thing was that visitors were most welcome as long as they were dressed respectfully. My husband had to put the long white traditional men’s dress over his shorts and my mother in law and I had to put the long black dress and head scarf on over our clothes.We also left our shoes in a line in the courtyard before going in. It was a very peaceful place. It was also a pleasure to photograph. I’m glad you liked the photos. I hope you have the chance to go there one day.
    Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn

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