First Stop Dubai


While waiting for some finished Art work to photograph I am adding a few of my holiday photos to this blog in the hope that there is  learning in observing. The  photos were taken in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates while the schoolgirls and the World’s Fastest Roller Coaster are at Ferrari World outside Abu Dhabi. The largest Mosque  in the UAE is  the  Sheikh Zayed Mosque which is also in Abu Dhabi.






5 thoughts on “First Stop Dubai

  1. Hello Ms Osborne,

    It looks like you had a fantstic time on your holiday which is great and even better when you put photos on our blog.
    I don’t believe you went on the fastest rollercoaster in the world.It must of been fast to be the FASTEST.I wish I could go on the fastest rollercoaster in the world it would be so COOL!

    From Sarah 5AR

  2. Thank you for your well written blog comment Sarah. Yes, it was a memorable holiday. I learnt a lot about different cultures and periods of history. I am glad that we are fortunate to have such a good camera to record everything so well. I hope that you will have lots of opportunities to travel in the future.
    I will enter your name into our Blog Comment Competition.
    Very Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  3. Hello Mrs Osborn,

    I hope you enjoyed all of the experiences you had on your holiday. The Sheikh Zayed Mosque must have taken ages to build as it looks very grand. The aquarium is my favourite picture out of all of them! I also hope you had the thrill of your life on the World’s Fastest Coaster!

    From, Jennifer 6JS

  4. Yes Jennifer it was a most memorable holiday. The enormous Mosque took years to build. I’m sure it probably says how long on their website. As for the Roller Coaster, the fastest ride at Ferrari World was certainly an exhilarating one. I wish I had worn goggles because the wind was so strong I couldn’t open my eyes.
    Thank You so much for your Blog comment. I will put your name in the Competition draw.
    Best Wishes,
    Mrs Osborn

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