Possum Magic


This past weekend I spent time with my fellow Rotarians at Echuca and Moama which are twin towns on either side of our mighty Murray River. The Murray  forms the border of the States of  Victoria and New South Wales. We stayed  in cabins at the attractive Murray River Resort. After dark we found a Brush Tailed Possum in the trees near our cabin. Since we are talking about and drawing Australian animals in Art this Term I was fortunate to be able to get up close enough to take some phootgraphs of these shy creatures. This one is a female and because Possums are marsupials, if you look carefully, you will see her pouch on her underbelly.

4 thoughts on “Possum Magic

  1. Hi Mrs Osborn,
    This is a great blog and the possum is really CUTE!!!!
    Please visit my blog and spread the word.

    P.S. Graeme Base is a great illustrator. GO AUSSIES!!!!!

  2. Hello Glenda,
    Possums certainly are cute. They are Marsupials. They bive birth to tiny live young which crawl up the mother’s fur and into a secure “pouch” where they are safe. They drink milk from teats in the pouch until they are large enough to go outside. They stay close to their mother, clinging to her back and going for a ride. You might find some videos on You Tube.
    Best Wishes from Yvonne Osborn

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