Graeme Base – Thank You for the Magic

Our Grade 5 and  6 students are looking at the writing and illustrations of  Graeme Base. They were impressed by the fact that as a 10 year old Graeme’s love of drawing was encouraged by his Grade 5 teacher in Box Hill in suburban Melbourne. His teacher, Max, bought his dragon drawing for $15 which sent him on the path towards Art as a career. Graeme’s fantastic website has a Challenge for his latest book “The Golden Snail”. Our students have thoroughly enjoyed finding the  28 hidden snail and crossbones symbols and then holding the back of the book in front of the webcam in order to see the “magic”. In an act of Augmented Reality the snail appears in a cloud and sails about according to how the book is moved. We hope that you get the chance to try and enjoy it  too.


4 thoughts on “Graeme Base – Thank You for the Magic

  1. Hi Yvonne

    I bought The Legend of the Golden Snail at the end of last year and our kids loved the Augmented Reality and finding the snail and crossbones in the Challenge too. As well as doing literature activities I also did an art activity with the Grade 1 – 4 classes. We looked at different types of sails and then I gave them a picture of a snail shell on a sheet of paper to design their own Snailing Ship. I’m kicking myself that with the end of year Library madness I didn’t have time to take photos because there were some amazing Snailing Ships! I was also lucky to attend a conference at the end of the year where Graeme read the story and behind him were the enlarged illustrations on the screen behind him…I was in heaven!!

    How fortunate our students are to be exposed to so many wonderful illustrators…

    Kim 🙂

  2. Thank you for that idea Kim. I might give it a try too. In fact, I might let the early finishers do that on Tuesday. Thank you also for your great support with Blog comments.

  3. It was very hard to find the 28 snails but we did it and when I saw the illusion of the ship, I was amazed. I couldn’t beleive my eyes. I hope there are more illusional games like that. They would be awesome.

  4. Hello Sukhjit,
    Thank you for all your Blog comments. I am so pleased that you had the patience to find all 28 snails. It isn’t easy. It’s great that you got to the end and were able to see the ship. It’s amazing. I still can’t work out how they do it.
    Best Wishes,
    Mrs Osborn

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