Fantastic Fiji Ahoy

Over the next week I will be leaving my  Art classes in the capable hands of replacement teachers Sharon and Tess and venturing  across the Pacific Ocean to Fiji. My sister Cheryl has been teaching Early Childhood educators there for almost two years and this will be my first visit. I look forward to soaking up the culture and delightful art and craft work of the Fijian people.  I hope to take a lot of photos for this Blog and to inspire next Semester’s work on the Art and Crafts of the Pacific region.
This photo is  of a table mat which Cheryl gave me featuring the detailed  printed pattern work typically done in Fiji.


2 thoughts on “Fantastic Fiji Ahoy

  1. I love to see kids being creative with art materials. I have never been much of an artist, but I always loved art class in school. It is one place where there is truly no right or wrong way to do things.

  2. Thank you for your kind words. Art classes are a great time to have freedom of expression, even if just to put our own slant on a given topic and have it valued, not judged. Art’s about choice thankfully and hopefully people of all ages will find time in their busy lives to either be creative or to appreciate the creative work of others.

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