What’s a Squiggle?

Wikipedia tells us  “A squiggle can be a random shape, or a drawing.”  Yesterday our Grade 2 HB students tried drawing animals from my “Squiggle” starting points. I quickly added four interesting lines (mostly curves, zig zags and curls)  using thick black marker and the students were challenged to create four animals  using my lines as starting points for their pictures. Jake wrote me some notes to accompany his animals just in case I needed help with  their identification. I have added his notes unedited as I was pleased with his spontaneous gesture. Squiggles are great to try on wet days, on  scrap paper, blackboards, whiteboards or on the Magna Doodle . We have also been having a lot of fun with  the drawing program Drips. Why not give  a Squiggle a try?



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