The Art of Photography – Terra Australis

These are just a few of our favourite photos from our around  Australia trip earlier this year.
They were all taken in the picturesque Northern Territory.
The “Reflections”photo and the Waterlilies were taken on the Yellow Waters cruise at Kakadu.

Any of our Taylors Lakes Primary students who may be visiting the blog are welcome to try drawing the crocodile or the lizard and bring it to their next Art Class.
The other two would make great topics for a watercolour painting.

We are having a two week Term  break beginning  on Monday 21st September.
Happy Holidays.




2 thoughts on “The Art of Photography – Terra Australis

  1. Thank you Julianne. My husband Greg took that photo on our trip around Australia in 2009.The action on the Crocodile Cruise was so fast it was hard to capture so he did well. We have a professional lens on our Canon 5D so that really helps with the picture quality.
    Many thanks for your Blog comment.
    Best Regards,
    Yvonne Osborn.

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